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Beachhead - #449 - July/August 2019 - Venice Equity Alliance Presents Venice Lives Celebration; Locals Remember Jason Davis (Mike Bravo); Beachhead Staff; Sustainers; Letters: Helping A Homeless Person; Graphs: Property Value & Rent Increases; Venice Subject of New Documentary (Jon Wolff); Graphic: Nimby Boy (Jon Wolff); Photos: Jammin' in Support of Reese-Davidson Community Housing (Eric Alberg); Dope Sick Nation (Pat Raphael); Photo: Jason Davis Shrine (Margaret Molloy); The Quake to Make Los Angeles A Radioactive Dead Zone (Harvey Wasserman); Photo: King and Queen Neptune, Alix Gucovsky & Mike Bravo (Sam Goldstein); Announcement: Trading Post Liquor Presents Grand Opening of Post Up Deli; Photo: Emily Winters Mural Restoration; Photo & Statement: A Million Black Men (Olla Mitchell); Ads: Dale Newman Design, Well Baby Center; Mary Geitlein in Hospital; A Victim of Gentrification (Mary Geitlein); The Lit Show with Suzy Williams & Brad Kay Returns!;

  • POETRY: Laundry (Alan Rodman), Promotional Message (Alan Rodman), Debut (Majid Naficy), Broken Flowerpot (Majid Naficy), America, My America (Moishe Matzoballs);
  • Calendar: Beyond Baroque, LaughTears, Ongoing Events, Location Guide, LA Tenants Union, Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count Data Summary; Photos: Linnie Canal Regatta, VCA 4th of July Party (Eric Alberg); Photo of Phil Ochs with Flag;
  • B ack Page: Poster: Venice Beach Music Festival


Beachhead – #448 – June 2019 - The Corporatization of Gentrification )Mark Lipman); The VNC and the FBCV (Jon Wolff); SamJam Shenanigans (Mike Bravo); Beachhead Staff; Sustainers; Letters: New Ocean Front Development (Marty Liboff); Re: Lambert the Loser (Michael Millman); Sports Harbor Closure Bummer (Mark & Jenny Rhodes); Ode to Bill (Tina Catalina); Venice Community Housing Community Conversations (Lisa Robins); Graphic: Policing Homelessness (Jon Wolff); The Three Americas (Pat Raphael); VNC Voter Registration Form: Who Can vote?; Venice Family Clinic Doubles HeadStart Program; Photo: Tsunami Mural; Ads: Levitt Pavillion Free Concerts, Jim Smith's new book, Gentrifying Paradise; Ace Hotel Charity Concert Aids Homeless Crisis; Art Saved My Life: Volunteering at Safe Place for Youth (Diane Sherry Case); Photos: We Remember Bill Mitchell (Regina Barton); Ads: Dale Newman Design, Well Baby Center; Arnold Springer publishes History of Venice of America;

  • POETRY: Scorched Earth (Alan Rodman), Shirk Attack (Alan Rodman), Dig (a&p&t); Ah, Los Angeles (Majid Naficy), The Winds Blow in Venice (Marty Liboff), America the Beautiful (Moishe Tummler);
  • Calendar: Beyond Baroque, LaughTears, Ongoing Events, Location Guide, LA Tenants Union; Ad: Sam Clay Design; Wurstkuche's Tyler Wilson is a Bad Employer (Jon Wolff);
  • Back Page: Poster: Venice Beach Music Festival


Beachhead - #447 – May 2019 - VNC Election Special: Lambert the Loser (Jon Wolff); Painting: VNC (Emily Winters); The Sports Harbor and the The Terrace Closed by The Venice Restaurant Group (Will Kazlowski); The Rally for First Baptist Church (Jon Wolff); Beachhead Staff; Sustainers; Letters: Todd Von Hoffman on the VNC; Graphic: 2019 VNC Candidates (Jon Wolff); Reese-Davidson Community: Frequently Asked Questions; Mo Money (Marty Liboff); Graphic: The New Smiling Face of Racism (Jon Wolff); Venice Duck Beer (C.J. Gronner); Photos: Book Release Party: Gentrifying Paradise, by Jim Smith, Destiny's Consent, by Laura Shepard Townsend; Editorial on Upcoming VNC Election (Jon Wolff); Photos: Ongoing Demonstrations at Wurstkuche (Margaret Molloy); Ads: Dale Newman Design, Well Baby Center; In Memoriam: Regina Eveline Rosa Fernades, Scott Mitsuo Ueda, Jr.;

  • POETRY: Ruben read (Alan Rodman), Per Cup (Alan Rodman), Loop (Alan Rodman), Stroke (Majid Naficy), Under One Umbrella (Majid Naficy), Two Neighbors (Majid Naficy), Happy Valentine's Day (Marty Liboff), Lover's Song (Marty Liboff);
  • Calendar: Beyond Baroque, LaughTears, Pacific Resident Theatre, LA Louver, Ongoing Events, Location Guide; Crackheadbarney on the Venice Boardwalk (Gerry Fialka);
  • Back Page: Photos: Venice Cinco de Mayo Parade Festival, Save First Baptist Church Rally (Eric Alberg, Margaret Molloy)


Beachhead - #446 – April 2019 - Diablo Canyon Inspection: Letter to Gov. Newsom (Harvey Wasserman); Indigenous Prayer for Venice; Rally for the First Baptist Church; The Heritage of the FBCV (Jon Wolff); Beachhead Staff; Sustainers; Letters: Reply to David Busch Gentrification letter; Interview with Vulture Landlord Tyler Wilson; PLUM Approves Motion for OFW; Graphic: Behind the McMansion Wall (Jon Wolff); Ad: Sam Clay Design; Talkin' Poetry, People, Politics with Richard Modiano (Dan Marcus); Japanese American Memorial Monument Commemoration (Phyllis Hayashibara); Ad: Well Baby Center, Dale Newman Design; Socio-Political Paintings by Michael D'Antuono; Tribute to Venetians in Memoriam: Dave Waller, Sara Omari, Bill Mitchell; Dave Waller Love Letter; Two Venice Icons Pass at 72 (Gerry Fialka);

  • POETRY: Don't Judge Me, Ask My Story (Sharlanna Lynn Torrey), Have Another Hit (Alan Rodman), Girl Named Kaitlyn and her dog Broccolli (Ghostdancers), We Can't Go Home (Moishe Nudnik), The Great Meow (Marty Liboff);
  • Calendar: Beyond Baroque, LaughTears, Electric Lodge, Artists and Fleas, LA Louver; Ongoing Events, Location Guide, LA Tenants Union;
  • Back Page: Trump & Friends in Hell: Paintings by Ned Sloane


Beachhead - #445 – March 2019 - Portraits of Jataun Valentine and Novelette Tabor Bailey: The Fiercely Independent Women of Venice (Barbara Masterj); Photo: Wurstkuche Boycott (Margaret Molloy); Beachhead Staff; Sustainers; Letters: Ocean Park Church Stops Marrying LBTGQ (Marty Liboff); Venice DOGZ Press Release; FBCV: Living History (Jon Wolff); Graphic: Jay & Elaine's Comedy Team (Jon Wolff); Legal Defense Fund for FBCV; Hipster Hot Dogs Make You Homeless: Photos of Wurstkuche Protest (Margaret Molloy); Venice as an Intelligence Hub (Pat Raphael); Ad: Sam Clay Design; Hecho en Venice (C.J. Gronner); Tamara's Tamales (C.J. Gronner); Ads: Dale Newman Design, Well Baby Center; Update on Reese-Davidson Community; Modern Love (and Ambivalence) (Suzy Williams);

  • POETRY: A Return to the Garden of Goethe (Majid Naficy), Alone with the Mona Lisa (Irina Azarova), I hugged the tree (Irina Azarova), Free (Lynette), Taking A Trip (Marty Liboff), Holy Mother Earth (Marty Liboff), I Love the Logger Bar (Tina Catalina Corcoran);
  • Calendar: Beyond Baroque, LaughTears, LA LOuver, Electric Lodge, Ongoing Events, Location Guide; Photos: LA Tenants Union: We Are Here To Stay (Margaret Molloy);
  • Back Page: Portraits: Fiercely Independent Women of Venice (Barbara Masterj)


Beachhead - #444 – January/February 2019 - Photos: Venice Teacher's March (Margaret Molloy), Venice DOGZ Protest Starbucks OFW (Jim Smith); Summation of LA Historic Designation for FBCV (Mike Bravo); Venice DOGZ: Alliance for Preservation of Venic; First Baptist Church Is Calling (Jon Wolff); BH Collective Staff; Sustainers; Letters: Happy New Year from Tina Catalina; Gentrification (David Busch); More Photos of Venice Teacher's Strike (Margaret Molloy); Graphic: Desecration of First Baptist Church (Jon Wolff); Money Makes the World Go Round (Marty Liboff); Photos from Beachhead's 50th Celebration (Eric Alberg, Margaret Molloy); Photos: No More Corporate Bullshit!: Starbucks on OFW Protest (Smith, Molloy); Ad: Well Baby Center

  • POETRY: A Great Mystery (Marty Liboff), The Last Bus to Blue Lake (Tina Catalina Corcoran), Elegy to Ezzat Tabaian (Majid Naficy), A New Year (Marty Liboff), Bed Down (Alan Rodman);
  • Calendar: Beyond Baroque, Electric Lodge, LaughTears, Ongoing Events, Location Guide, LA Tenants Union, In Memoriam: Pamela Lynn Krantz
  • Back Page: Photo Collage: Beachhead's 50th Celebration and Founder's Tribute




Beachhead - #443 – December 2018 - Reese-Davidson vs. the Venice NIMBY (Part 2) (Lisa Robbins); November 2018 B.I.D. Meeting Observations (John Okulick); The Fight for First Baptist Church Rages On (Jon Wolff); Beachhead Staff; Sustainers; A Trans-National Alliance Invitation (Pat Raphael); Graphic: Santa Claus Visits Jay & Elaine (Jon Wolff); Melvoin Deceives West Side on Behalf of Billionaire Privatizers (Soni Lloyd); Photo: Rocket Engines (Alan Rodman); Trust We Will (Alan Rodman); Ads: Hoagie's Steakhouse, Nutritional Warehouse; California Apocalypse: Fire and Fury (Harvey Wasserman); Blast from the Past: 1995 OFW Photos (Tina Catalina Corcoran); Ads: SPARC Art Sale, Well Baby Center;

  • POETRY: Untitled (Helene Wolff), On Living (Nazim Hikmet), Anubus's Children ("Daughter of Destino" Anumpesh), Happy Holidaze (Marty Liboff), Day to Night (Marty Liboff), Run! (Marty Liboff);
  • Calendar: Beyond Baroque, Electric Lodge, LaughTears, Pacific Resident Theatre, Ongoing Events; Invitation: Beachhead 50th Year Anniversary New Year's Eve Celebration;
  • Back Page: Poster: The New Poor People's Campaign (Sam Companatico)


Beachhead - #442 – October-November 2018 - Venice DOGZ online petition against Chain Stores on OFW; Abbot Kinney Festival 2018 Conversations (Lisa Robins); The Fight For The First Baptist Church Continues (Jon Wolff); Beachhead Collective Staff; Sustainers; Letters: Carl Lambert Scoop (Anon), Why is BH so late? (Straw Person), Jay Penske’s Business Partners Kill A Journalist (Itay Hod); Graphic: Run! Penskes! (Jon Wolff); Venice Horror Stories: Real Estate Vampire Spammi Slurpee (Jon Wolff); Photo: First Baptist Church Prayer Circle (Margaret Molloy); Graphic: Peggy Lee Kennedy’s Victory!; Venice Justice Committee Free Speech Lawsuit Outcome; Beyond Baroque: A Bohemian Bacchanal Honoring Viggo Mortensen and Will Alexander; Photo: Team Save Venice Celebrate CHC Hearing (Margaret Molloy); Ads: Earl Newman Prints, Well Baby Center; Photos: Safe Place for Youth’s Community Gardens; Generations of Improv Comedy (Andrew Goldberg); Photos: Off the Wall and Mostly Organic Improv Comedians;

Beachhead - #441 – September 2018 - Photo: Venice citizens hold prayer circle after Planning Department Meeting (Margaret Molloy); Venice Loses The Last Venice Beat Poet: Frank T. Rios (Pegarty Long); Your Venice History Update (Jon Wolff); Three Years Later: Homeless Killings of 2015; Beachhead Collective Staff; Sustainers; Letters: Bird Lover (Albert West the Elder), Gentrification at 2454 Lincoln Blvd (Anumpeshi), Thank-You! (Homeless in Venice); What Needs to Be Said (Mark Lipman); Mike Bonin Walks Out On Black History (Mike Bravo); Graphic: VNC Works Hard For “The Money” (Jon Wolff); Reprint: Interview by Hillary Kaye with Venice Poet Frank T. Rios; Ad: Sam Clay Design; Sign Petition to Grant Oakwood First Baptist Church Historical Status; Photo and Story: YouthBuild Helps Maintain VJAMM (Phyllis Hayashibara); Photos: Frank T. Rios; Venice West Poet - Frank T. Rios (1936-2018) (Bill Mohr); Excerpt from Frank T. Rios, memoirs of a street poet (forward by John Thomas); Found Flyer: John Reed Architectural Group; Graphic: White Washing Venice’s Black History (Jon Wolff);

  • POETRY: The Holy Three (Frank T. Rios), Americocka (Moishe Shmendrik), Venice Beach in the Sun (Marty Liboff), You should (Alan Rodman), Golden Tears (Anumpeshi Aduddell);
  • Calendar: Beyond Baroque, Electric Lodge, L.A. Louver, LaughTears, Los Angeles Tenant Union, Ongoing Events, Location Guide; Sacred Activism: IMAN Cultural Center; The Significance of Peace Sunday (David J. Harris); Photo: Frank T. Rios burns a poem.;
  • Back Page: Poster: Abbot Kinney Festival

Beachhead - #440 – August 2018 - Photos: Activist Circle Oakwood Church (Margaret Molloy); Reese Davidson vs. Venice NIMBY (Lisa Robins); The July 2018 BID Meeting (John Okulick); You Can Help Save The Historic Black Church in Venice (Jon Wolff); Beachhead Collective Staff; Sustainers; Letters: The Bar Center on the Beach (Moishe), Living in Peace (Anumpeshi), Electric Company Agendas (Anumpeshi); VNC Passes Bridge Housing Motion; Why Being A Venice Original Matters (Mike Bravo); Graphic: Meet the Penskes (Jon Wolff); Review: Dr. Wu at Soulstice Festival (Henry Rosebuds); Review: The Lit Show (Henry Rosebuds); Photos: Birds (Fehmi Yildirim and Krista Schwimmer); Photo: Suzy Williams; Give Them The Bird! (Moishe Yukel); Graphic: Locusts (Jon Wolff); HOME: Safe Place For Youth (Lisa Robins); Memorial for Jamal “Shakespeare” Warren; Ad: Well Baby Center; Beyond Baroque: Moetown (Maureen Cotter); Photos of Save Venice community activists (Margaret Molloy); The Lincoln Squeeze (Daniel Guerrero); Ad: Larry Hankin’s Street Stories; Ad: Sam Clay Design;

Beachhead - #439 – July 2018 - July 2018: Venice BID Meeting (John Okulick); Winning Round One for the Oakwood Church (Jon Wolff); Everyone In (Carol Gronner); Beachhead Collective Staff; Sustainers; Letters: Brian Ulf’s secret plan (Ahuman); Skidrow (Ghelove); No More Sam Jam Mom, Please (Mike Bravo); Reese Davidson Community and the Environmental Quality Act (Becky Dennison); Graphic: Satan (Jon Wolff); #DeleteSnapchat; Photo Contest: Ugliest Building in Venice; Ad: Beyond Baroque: Grand Dames and Divas; Simple Solutions To 5 Venice Summer Problems (Ron Birnbach); Ad: Pop Up Shop; Photos: Juneteenth At Oakwood Park (Margaret Molloy); A Little Taste of Levin (Moishe Kibbitzer); Photo: Jerry and Marissa Rubin outside Ira Levin Center; Ads: Cosmic Comb, Sam Clay Design;

  • POETRY: untitled (Sydney Ward), Venice, Venice, It’s A Wonderful Town (Marty Liboff), Forget Angel Wings-Give Me Barbequed Wings! (Marty Liboff), Talisman To Mahmoud Dowlatabadi (Majid Naficy), With Deep Sorrow (Tina Catalina Corcoran);
  • Calendar: Beyond Baroque, LaughTears, Electric Lodge Presents, Pacific Resident Theatre Sunday Concert Series, Ongoing Events, Location Guide, It’s the Lit Show!, Venice Metal Arts, Ideas for Reboot of “Roseanne” Reboot (Ron Birnbach); Los Angeles Tenants Union;
  • Back Page: Poster: Venice Summer (Jon Wolff)

Beachhead - #438 – June 2018 - Photo: Remember Our Happy Days (Ira Levin Mural); Ira Levin Center (Moishe Kapoyer); Vexit Promo Video Fail (Mike Bravo); The Vision of the Oakwood Church (Jon Wolff); Beachhead Collective Staff; Sustainers; Letters: California Solartopia (Harvey “Sluggo” Wasserman), Bird Scooters (Dave), Re: Hoagie Company article (Barbara Eisenberg), Long Live the City of Venice! (Jim Smith); Corporation Moves in Next Door to Small Business (Jon Wolff); Third Protest Against Hotel Erwin for Racist Practices (Mike Bravo); The Latest on the BID (John Okulick); Graphic: BID Goon Squad (Jon Wolff); Cartoon (Sam Sawyer); Letter in Support of The Bridge Home Project (Deborah Groening); Amendment II (Moishe); Photos: Remembering Brendon Glenn; Brendon Glenn Is Not Forgotten (Mike Bravo); Photos: BID drives up Venice Parking Fees; Top Ten Chart: My School vs Generation Z (Henry Rosebuds); Ad: First Baptist Appeal Hearing; Ad: Well Baby Center; Graphics: Hope & Change (Ted Rall), Worship the Beachhead (Jon Wolff); A Bridge To Camps: Historic Showdown (David Busch); Ad: Sam Clay Design;

  • Poetry: so here (Alan Rodman), How Do I Poet (Kristine Gloviak), untitled (Alan Rodman), Questions Answered Online (era), DOWNTOWN LA (Kristine Gloviak), It Ain’t So Bad (Marty Liboff), A Diverse and Beautiful Land (Alan Rodman), my old dog pharoah (Marty Liboff);
  • Calendar: Beyond Baroque, LaughTears, The Electric Lodge Presents, Ongoing Events, Location Guide, Feature Documentary: 90291: Venice Unzipped, Los Angeles Tenant Union, Ad: Cosmic Comb
  • Back Page: Mural Detail, Ira Levin Center: Fiddler (Christina Schlesinger)

Beachhead - #437 - May 2018 - Vexit, Don’t Believe the Hype (Mike Bravo); Venice Black History Is In The Oakwood Church (Jon Wolff); Beyond Barbed Wire: Japanese Memorial Monument; Beachhead Collective Staff; Sustainers; Letters: Farewell to Venice (Charlotte), Harassment (Storm Cloud Sims), Susan Weinberg Art (Steve Weinberg), MASSACRE (Ruby Smith); Breaking News: Ira Levin Center (Marty Liboff); Graphic: Jay Penske, Developer (Jon Wolff); Report on Alleged New Public Art Space (Mike Bravo); The Great Western Steak & Hoagie Company (Carol Gronner); The Kids At Santa Monica City Hall (Henry Rosebuds); The Alarming Problem With Ben & Jerry’s on OCW (anonydog); Ad: Sam Clay Design; Art: Venice Beach Nitecrawler; Photos: Neighbors Voting (Margaret Molloy); Review: Larry Hankin: How To Be Homeless; Recent Meeting of the Venice Beach Business Improvement District (John Okulick); Ads: Well Baby Center, Moonlight Glass; In Memoriam: Demetrius Tarim, Venice “Godfather”(1935-2018); Column: Sara Omari;

  • Poetry: Venetians Visit Desert (Henry Rosebuds), Internment Haiku, Camp Kaiko, Xianna (Alan Rodman), vote slides now (Alan Rodman), Untitled (Yunus Emre), I’d Like to Punch Fred Astaire in the Nose (Marty Liboff), TROUBLES (Marty Liboff);
  • Calendar: Beyond Baroque, Unurban Weekly Events, LaughTears; Announcement: Grunion Run; Los Angeles Tenant Union; Occupy Venice; Location Guide; Art in the Afternoon: Venice Skills Center; Santa Monica Community Festival;
  • Back Page: Poster: Venice Spring Fling

Beachhead - #436 - April 2018 - Venice Black History Continues with the Fight for the Oakwood Church (Jon Wolff); Venice Dogz Threaten to Protest Future "National Chains" on OFW; Photo: Laddie Williams (Margaret Molloy); First Baptist Church: Statement of Significance (Dr. Naomi Nightingale); LETTERS: Obit: Pam Emerson 1942-2018; Two Poems by Pam Emerson; Photos: Brendan Glenn Memorial; March For Our Lives (Henry Rosebuds); Graphic cartoon: Past, Present, & Future of Venice (Jon Wolff); True Fake News (Henry Rosebuds); The Three-Minute Passover Seder (Ron Birnbach); Why I'm Fighting For the First Baptist Church of Venice (Mousie Jr.); Photos: Venice Black History Event (Margaret Molloy); A Man for All Seasonings...Carlos Haro, Jr. (Suzy Williams); Photo: Women's Day Celebration (Jim Smith); Art: International Women's Day; Ad: Moonlight Glass of Venice; Graphic cartoon: Snapchat pissed down the drain (Jon Wolff); Snapchat sublease properties; Photo: Free Venice Beachhead Collective, 1979;

  • POETRY: Still I Rise (Maya Angelou); Aint I A Woman? (Sojourner Truth); Ode to Moe Stavnezer (Emily Winters); friendly (alan rodman); can't laugh anymore (alan rodman); Two Lovers (Majid Naficky); Down and Out in Venice (marty liboff); The Great Wall (Moishe Smecklehead);
  • Calendar: Beyond Baroque, Laughtears, The Unurban Coffeehouse; LA Louver; Ongoing Events; Location Guide; Community Forum: Health & Safety; Photo & Quote: Tom Morello; Ad: Venice Domains For Sale; Los Angeles Tenants Union; Back page: Photo: Commemoration of Venice Japanese American Memorial Monument; VJAMM Fundraiser at Hama Sushi; Ads: Well Baby Center; Larry Hankin: How To Be Homeless Show at Fanatic Salon; Magickal Mystery Tour Through Spirituality Art Show at Safe Place for Youth (SPY)

Beachhead - #435 - March 2018 - Snapchat Moving!!!; VNC Logo Contest Entries; Venice Black History and the Oakwood Church (Jon Wolff); Graphic: Venice Dogz Logo (Mike Bravo); LETTERS: Dear Mike Bonin & Tricia (A Concerned Citizen); Snapchat Thornton Lots for Sublease; Sustainers; Mr. Venice Sez...; Beachhead Bash (Lisa Robins); Photo: Sam Clay & Suzy Williams (Margaret Molloy); Ad: Folkroots Festival; Political cartoon: Evan Spiegel Spoof (Jon Wolff); LETTER: Susan Weinberg watercolors (Steve Weinberg); Venice Japanese American Memorial Monument (Phyllis Hayashibara); Phillip Melnick - Presente (Jim Smith); all you need (Shep Stern); Photos: Beachhead Fundraiser Party at Beyond Baroque (Margaret Molloy); Poster: I Stand With Emma; Poem: Percy Blythe Shelley; Ad: Sam Clay Design & Construction;

  • POETRY: careful wish (alan rodman); Pop at P.O.P. (Alan Rodman); Curse the Gun! The Empty Place of Eddie (Majid Naficy); I Love My Gun (Moishe Mishehgoss); Pro-Lives (Hal Bogotch); Venice Is My Kind Of Town (marty liboff);
  • Calendar: Beyond Baroque; Laughtears; The Unurban Coffeehouse; Venice Local Coastal Program: Sea Level Rise Planning; Photo: Black History Display Case at Venice Library; Mystic Journey Bookstore: Mikaela Jones: Book of Light; Ongoing Events; Location Guide; Silver Anniversary of LA Women's Theater Festival; Venice Art Crawl Honors Legendary Women; Back page: Photos of OFW: What will happen to these properties now that Snapchat is Leaving?

Beachhead - #434 - February 2018 - The Love for the Oakwood Church Continues (Jon Wolff); Venice Valentine (Lisa Robins); Jerde leaving Venice! Snapchat Moving in?; LETTERS: Pollution (Teresa L. Mason); Beachhead Sustainer Check for $100 (Steve Effington & Tina Morehead); Graphic cartoon: 4 out of 5...(Jon Wolff); The Crowd at the Women's Revolution (Henry Rosebuds); The Hack Living in Your Car (Pat Raphael); Poster reprints from Center for the Study of Political Graphics; Mr. Venice Sez....Beachhead Fundraiser at Beyond Baroque; In Memoriam: Community Activist Roxanne P. Brown; Poem: "Promise" (Jonny2Tumt); Valentine's Day Mixtape (Eric Alberg); One More from The Heart (Larry Hankin); Ten Things to Hate About Love (Ron Birnbach); Ads: GreenSceneGardens; RevLIFE: Plant Based Living;

  • POETRY: In the Age of Trumpism (B.B. Shapiro); Fog One Morning (Eva Duran); California Here I come! (marty liboff); untitled (Hafiz); 4 Poems by Rumi; Aloha Hawaii (Moishe Shmuck); be most free (P. & A. Rodman Hirsch); Questions (marty liboff);
  • Calendar: Beyond Baroque; Laughtears; The Unurban Coffeehouse; LA Poet Society & Soapbox Poets Anthology Party; The Love Uninhibited Orchestra; Ongoing Events; Location Guide; LA Louver; Back page: Valentine's Day valentines

Beachhead - #433 - January 2018 - The Fight for the Oakwood Church Continues (Jon Wolff); In Memoriam: Moe Stavnezer (Arnold Springer); March for Humanity on MLK's Birthday!; Photo: Oakwood Community Church Supporters (Margaret Molloy); Letters: Local Businesses to Save the Beachhead (Pat Raphael); A peeve or Two (Ted Wray); SPY Break-in (Alison Hurst); Factchecking (Kevin Keresey); Beachhead Sustainers; Draining Ballona Wetlands Stopped by Coastal Commission (John Davis); Graphic cartoon: What Does Venice Think of Snapchat? (Jon Wolff); The Trans-National Alliance Constitution (Pat Raphael); Tacos Por Favor (Docta Eatz); Saving Our Urban Forest (Shep Stern); 20 Reasons Why Snapchat Is Just Not Cool At All: Photo: Benches on OFW; Full Page Commemoration for Moe Stavnezer, Activist and Former Beachhead Collective member; Moe Stavnezer, Your Spirit Is Free (Olga Palo); Al Franken Post Mortem (Lisa Robins); Legalized it: Happy CAnnabis Diy! (Henry Rosebuds); Ads: Hoagie's; GreenSceneGardens;

  • POETRY: A Shopping We Will Go (marty liboff); Happy New Year Fear (marty liboff); everybody's faking (rex butters); some tell (alan rodman); Trees (Joyce Kilmer); step lightly (alan rodman); Azad in Dubai (Majid Naficy);
  • Calendar: Beyond Baroque; Laughtears; The Unurban Coffeehouse; Mystic Journey Reading: Krista Schwimmers; Stop Senoir Scams Acting Program; Ongoing Events; Location Guide; LA Louver; Back page: Poster: Sanctuary Everywhere (American Friends Service Committee)


Beachhead - #432 - December 2017 - The Fight for the Oakwood First Baptist Church; Photo: Save Oakwood History!; Ocean Front Walk artists speak out against Snapchat; SPY Holiday Report (Lisa Robins); LETTERS: Beach Bathrooms Curfew Law (Marty); Ten Things To Be Thankful For in Venice (Ron Birnbach); Beachhead Sustainers; Graphic cartoon: When Snapchat Goes Bankrupt (Jon Wolff); Mining the States of City Minds: 11 (John O'Kane); How to Help the Homeless (reprint: Venice Paparazzi); "Reach Higher. Reach for your Spirit." (Fehmi Yildirim); Photo: Venice Beach Poets Monument; Missed Opportunities: Youth Homelessness in Venice; Ads: Hoagie's; GreenSceneGardens;

  • POETRY: Untitled (Rumi); You Be the Judge (P.S. Barber); Exstinktion (marty liboff); Thus Spoke the Poet (Majid Naficy); Rumi's Seven Pieces of Advice; we asked that king (alan rodman); a leaf a bird p&a (alan paula rodman); Go Ask Alice (marty liboff); The 12 Daze of a Trumped Up Christmas (Moishe Cockamoon);
  • SPARC: To Protect & Serve? 5 Decades of Posters Protesting Police Violence; Calendar: Beyond Baroque; Laughtears; the Unurban Coffeehouse; Ongoing Events; Review: Only In Venice: A documentary album; Notes about "Venice Beach is not a Campus" (Rob Mullins); In Memory of "Gene Griffith" (submitted by his pal Sam); Back page: Poems from SPYZine (Safe Place for Youth kids)

Beachhead - #431 - November 2017 - #EvictSnapchat; VDP Housing Project Implementation of HDD (Lisa Robins); Lies and More Lies...What Is This Bonin Recall about? (Suzanne Thompson); LETTERS: First Baptist Church (Laddie Williams); Plans to Demolish Santa Monica HS (Marty Liboff); Loves Beachhead (Karen Jones); Take a knee for Justice, Take a knee for Peace (David Silva); It's My Hat! (Tony Mac); Update on the Carl Lambert Problem; Graphic cartoon: GhostAway (Jon Wolff); To Tweak or Not to Tweak (Pat Raphael); Burned by Burns (Marty Liboff); Ad: Consultant, Dr. Bradley Bobbs; Private Flood Control Called Public Wetlands Restoration (John Davis); Ads: Hoagie's; GreenSceneGardens; Black History Photo Exhibit with Focus on Venice Families, The First Baptist Church of Venice; Reprint: LA Times: It's Been 70 Years Since Anaheim Booted Clan; Arthur Reese: The Wizard of Venice; Reprint: LA Times: An Intimate Look at Oakwood History;

  • POETRY: Word to MNM (Hal Bogotch); Imposing Democracy (Mark Lippman); Tomorrow May Never Come; A Broken down Old Man (Marty Liboff); From the Lord Byron Apartments (Roger Houston); cat is the gift (alan rodman);
  • Ad: Tarot with Krista schmimmer and Michael Wamback; Calendar; Ongoing Events; Moby Dick Beach Reading; Back page: Poster Collage; Ad: Nutritional Warehouse

Beachhead - #430 - October 2017 - Snapchat Report (Jon Wolff); Venice High School Students: Under Siege (P.S. Barber); VNC Owned; LETTERS: I Can Hear You (Deborah Thomas); Seeking New Home for the Freakshow (Emily S.); Graphic cartoon: The People chase Snapchat far away (Jon Wolff); Meet Musashi: A Japanese Samurai Peacewalker (Logan Mote, Eartheart); 1000 Cranes Presented Between Japanese American and Muslim American Community; Give Us Your Books (Pat Raphael);

  • POETRY: This Paper Is A Poem: Your Life The Beautiful Gift; The Strength of a Woman; The Poet Speaks (Deborah S. Thomas); Untitled (Roger Houston); Place; Extinguish (S.A. Gerber); Poetry (marty liboff); Friday Mornings at Venice Beach (Moishe Putz); Noah's Ark: An Allegory for our time (B.B. Shapiro);
  • Art: Two Drawings by Deborah S. Thomas); Calendar; Location Guide; Ongoing Events; Hearing October 6 - Beach Curfew (Mike Bonin); Free event: Robert Scheer with Jere Van Dyck; Join the Los Angeles Tenant Union!; Back page: Photos: We Love the Abbot Kinney Festival!!! (Eric Alberg)

Beachhead - #429 - September 2017 - Venice Tenants Unite! (Mairym Llorens y Jon Wolff); Photo: Venice stepping up and out to oppose fascists (Margaret Molloy); LETTERS: Snap Out Of It! (Marty Liboff); Anti-Megan Cox article (Ian McIlvane, B. Meade); West Nile disease (Jerome P. Helman,); Rebuttal (John Davis); Free Legal Housing Clinic; Transcription: Abbot Kinney's Ghost meets Snapchat's Ghost; Can Venice hold onto its Magic? (Boyce Buchanan); Graphic cartoon: Snapchat Bottom's Out (Jon Wolff); Venice High School Teacher's Statement Against Fascism; Ad: Hoagie's; Graphics" The Road to Youth Homelessness, The Stats on the Homeless, The Real Costs of Homelessness; EMBARGO: A Film by Jeri Rice; Biological Weapons Prohibition a Joke (Janet Phelan); Ad: Nutritional Warehouse;

  • POETRY: Once Upon a Time (Marty Liboff); Diarrhea from Trump and North Korea (Marty Liboff); Women's Lib = Men's Peeve (B.B. Shapiro); unappetizer (alan rodman); snacking on mackerel (alan rodman); Ocean Avenue, Fall, 1977 (David Fewster);
  • Calendar; Worldwide General Strike Sept.17th (Adbusters); Kick-off for Judy Branfman's Documentary; Public Work's Improv: Anna Broome; Affordable Housing and Rent America's only true economic problem (Phil Ghee); Ongoing Events; Sara Omari's column; Back page: Poster: Abbot Kinney Festival

Beachhead - #428 - August 2017 - Art:: Venice Canals Painting: Frank Strasser; Would violence push Snap out of Venice? (Megan Cox); The Architects Have A Bad Day (Jon Wolff); A Long Kiss Goodbye...(Frank Strasser; LETTERS: "Lit Show" (Emily Winters); 60's over (D. Schraier); Rebuttal (Not-the-editor, Eric Alberg); Ad: Mr. Venice sez....; Graphic cartoon: Inside Snapchat HQ (Jon Wolff); Red pill or Blue pill? (Pat Raphael); Fish and Wildlife versus Coastal Commission (John Davis); Review: "Rhinoceros" at Pacific Resident Theater (Suzy Williams); Fighting Fleas and Ants (Eric Alberg); Ads: Nutritional Warehouse, Steak & Hoagie Company; Tribute: Suzy Williams & Brad Kay: The Lit Show: Songs by Literary Lions; Photo: Pink Bromeliad (Eric Alberg); Painting: K. Wolff; Pandemonium at Beyond Baroque (Lisa Robins);

  • POETRY: By the Polluted Sea (Marty Liboff); Trump Ideology (B.B. Shapiro); The Blind Man and the Anosmati (Majid Naficy); Untitled (Roger Houston); Enlightenment (Marty Liboff); I Do Not Write Poetry for Eternity (Majid Naficy);
  • Beyond Baroque & UnUrban Calendar; Maureen Cotter's 13th One-Woman Show; Ongoing Events; Ad: Venice "Now & Then Art Show; Back page: Poster: Venice Beach Music Fest

Beachhead -#427 - July 2017 - Photo collage: Summer Fun in Venice, Snap Map and greed in Venice; Heroes At Spy (Lisa Robins); The Carl Lambert Problem (Jon Wolff); LETTERS: Against SPY (Neighbors of Safe Place for Youth); Rebuttal (Not-the-editor, Eric Alberg); Ad: Mr. Venice sez...Support Your Beachhead; Abbot's Habit - Goodbye Party (C.J. Gronner); Neptune Festival On Venice Beach (C.J. Gronner); The Venice/Dell/Pacific Housing Project (Marty Liboff); Chart: Snap Corporate Office Properties; Playa Del Rey Gas Storage Facility is a hazardous threat (John Davis); Photos: Neptune Festival (Paul Gronner); Map: Confirmed Snap Inc. Properties; Ads: GreenSceneGardens; Dale Newman Landscape Design; Bruce Langhorne's Memorial (Suzy Williams); In Memoriam: Bonnie Yvonne Modugno; Walter "Dutch" Heilman; Ads: Nutritional Warehouse, The Great Western Steak & Hoagie Company;

  • POETRY: A Final Order of Removal (Moishe Kibbitizer); The Donald Trump Club March (Moishe Fahcocktah); Untitled (Roger Houston); A Good Death (the human); Darkness Matters (Hal Bogotch); porcine perspectives (alan rodman); forget it (alan rodman);
  • Beyond Baroque Calendar; Ongoing Events; From SPARC; Sara Omari column; Location Guide; Back page: Poster: The Fall of Snapchat (Jon Wolff)

Beachhead - #426 - June 2017 - A Death in Venice (P.S. Barber); John Reed's Glass Windows (Jon Wolff); Safe Place for Youth "Heroes" Gala (Lisa Robins); Beachhead Collective Staff; Beachhead Sustainers; LETTERS: untitled (not the editor); Election of Donald Trump Heralds the Arrival of the TNA (Pat Raphael); untitled (Sara Omari); Cartoon: Tami Pardee (Jon Wolff); Lincoln Place Stalwart Carol Beck Dies (Jim Smith); Photo: Carol Beck; The Sunshine Maker, Nick Sand Dies (Jim Smith); Pano Left Us, But He Lives On (Greta Cobar); Painting: Pano Douvos (artist and subject); Photo: Pano Douvos with brother, Angelo, in 2013 (Greta Cobar); Photo: Pano at his own memorial (Greta Cobar); Cartoon: anti-Snapchat (Jon Wolff);

  • POETRY: Unfadeable to the Ignorance (Mike Sonksen); The Candle and Shooting Stars (Larry Li); The Din from my Den (Mira Wlider); Sandy (William Moore); Child of the Ride (Joanna Silva); oh you (Alan Rodman); Nothing Can (Miro Wilder); We Serve Our Watch in Silence (Roger Houston);
  • Calendar; Back Page: Photos: Venice Spring Fling (Eric Ahlberg)

Beachhead – #425 -- May 2017 - VJAMM: It's finally here! (Alice Stek); There's a Monolith at Venice and Lincoln (Jim Smith); Photo of monument (Margaret Molloy); Drawing of Trump (Gerta Lind); Presidential Peter Principle (P.S. Barber); Beachhead Collective Staff; Beachhead Sustainers; LETTERS: Untitled (Yasmin Solomon); Snap employees! How can you sleep at night? (unsigned); Untitled (Sara Omari); untitled (AAW); Cartoon: The Adventures of Techie Timmy (Jon Wolff); Melissa Diner Is Open For Business (unsigned); Actor's Gang Harlequino: On to Freedom (Lisa Robins); VNC Public Safeety Townhall (Matt Kline); Photo: Freak Show; Allan Holdsworth Report (Gerry Fialka); Photos from the Dedication Ceremony of the Venice Japanese American Memorial Monument (Margaret Molloy);

  • POETRY: The Son's Proof (Majid Naficy); noting nothing (Alan Rodman); What is America to Me? (Kyana Morgan); Song of the Times (Marty Liboff); Marching in Lines (Marty Liboff); Venice By The Sea (Mike Sonksen); War Pigs 2 (Moishe Tochis); once sigh (Alan Rodman);The silence gently whispers in the dark (Roger Houston);
  • Photo: ??; Drawing: Venice Triumphant (Jon Wolff); Calendar; We Love the Unurban Cafe (Phil Kimball) Photo: ??; Back Page: Venice Spring Fling

Beachhead #425 - April 2017 - VJAMM (Venice Japanese American Memorial Monument) Dedication Ceremony; Black Legacies of Venice Ignored: City Letting Historic Irvin Tabor Family Compound Be Destroyed; Letters: Elderly Assisted Living - Marty Liboff; Letter to California Coastal Commission - Judy Esposito; Eric Darling Resigns from the VNC; Photo: The Arts and Cultural Bridge Foundation's International Women's Day Celebration at Beyond Baroque; David Busch on his Fast For Venice; Political cartoon: Snapchat Meets Its Neighbors (Jon Wolff); Chart: Venice Lobbyist $ & Influence; If George Francisco Could Speak (Jon Wolff); Poem (Von Paul); Africa Agonistes (P.S. Barber); Venice-Dell-Pacific Planning; Chagall Evicted From Venice (Marty Liboff); POTUS's Forward to "The Art Of The Lie" (Larry Hankin); Theater Review: Harlequino: On to Freedom (Lisa Robbins);

  • POETRY: Fabric Cocoon (Dee Allen); untitled (Majid Naficy); get ready because tomorrow (Alan Rodman); Psalm Isadora Tribute (Vessy Mink); Venice: A Hippie Seadna (G.K. Spain); Feed (Dee Allen); Better Days (Marty Liboff); Casualty (Lynette);
  • Community Calendar; Ads: Hoagie's; Nutritional Warehouse; The Chambers Brothers; VJAMM: Supporters and Major Donors; VJAMM Fundraiser at Hama Sushi; DiS ARM: California African American Museum; Back page: Photos: Art Exhibit: Peter Carr: Pioneer of Protest (Eric Alberg); Photos: Dogtown Z-Boys, Venice Surfers, and Artists hold benefit for Alliance Morgan McKinzie High School's arts program

Beachhead #424 - March 2017 - Save Venice! Get Out Snapchat!; Manifesto Against Snapchat; Are We At War Yet?: Interview with Native Venetian Sky (Jon Wolff); Cartoon: Venice Gives Snapchat the Boot; Photo: Evict Snapchat! (Margaret Molloy); The Evil in the World: High School Rants of Presidential Advisor Steven Miller (Winston O'Boogie); Beachhead Collective Revival; Political cartoon: Jim Morrison Returns to Venice in 2017 (Jon Wolff); Photos, Article: Dedication of Venice Japanese-American Memorial Monument planned for April 27th (Phyllis Hayashibara); It's me again, Sara Omari; In Memoriam: Joshua Patrick Wells; Community Calendar; Voice in the Well; Ads: Hoagie's; Nutritional Warehouse;

  • POETRY: Pointless (Rachel Michelle); Act Now (Alan Rodman); Art Is More Important Than Math (Kristine Gloviak); A short history of our times (Jim Smith); the Time (Joanna Silver); lunatics have taken over (Alan Rodman); Venice Is My Kind Of Town (Marty Liboff); Make Love (Moishe Shlemiel);
  • Ongoing Events; Ad: International Women's Day at Beyond Baroque; Photos: Venice Locals Expressing their opinions about snapchat (Margaret Molloy)

Beachhead #423 - February 2017 - Photo: Wavecrest Art Tile; Bonin's Ballona Bid (John Davis); Ikeya-Seki (Helene Wolff); Save Dogtown! Get Out Snapchat! (Mark Rago); Letters; Oppressing Homeless (Church Without Walls); Fake News Story: Mark Ryavec; Graphic: New Businesses on Abbot Kinney (Jon Wolff); Election Hell (Eric Alberg); Old Ocean Park (Marty Liboff); Sara Omari Column; Graphic: The Last Man Standing (Jon Wolff); Ad: Parenthood is a journey (Well Baby Center); Photo: Wavecrest Mural; Calendar; unurban cafe; Love Song Sing-along; Ads: Nutirional Warehouse, Hoagie's ; Ongoing Events;

  • POETRY: In a Rain of Califa (im.human); Words Wanted (Kristine Gloviak); venice is (alan rodman); for the Deeds of Men Live on (Mark Lipman); a word (alan rodman);
  • Back Page: Photo collage of Women's Day March (Eric Alberg)

Beachhead - January 2017 (no paper)



Beachhead #422 - December 2016 - Feed The People Turns Three (Eleuterio Navarro); A Memorial Tale of Venice (Marty Liboff); CHANGES (Jon Wolff); Letters; LA Settles Brendon Glenn Lawsuit; Venice BID approved by LA City Council; Letters: Planning Commission Denies Project; Graph: Homelessness Increase in Downtown LA; Dr. Strangelove: How I Learned to Stop Worrying, and Love the Nazis in Venice; Graphic: No More Tax Breaks for Corporate Panhandlers (Jon Wolff); The End of the World (Moishe Farblondjet); The Election From Hell (Eric Alberg); Code Enforcement Sweeps (Jim Smith); Graphic: Celebrate Venice (Jon Wolff); City Council Seats; Listen Up, "Eliterati" - Venice Residents Hire Law Firm (Imagine Venice); The New Venice (Imagine Venice); Long-term Prospect for Venice Property not so good (Guillermo Gomez-Pena); Memoriam: Iadollah Salarvand; Snapchat Buzzkill (Bryan Brogers); Ad: Well Baby Center; Graphic: USA Map of Republican Gerrymandering; Book Review: Get Lit Rising;

  • POETRY: untitled (Rhianna McGavin); The Negro Brother (Walter Finnie Jr.); Islands Adrift (Nick "Muay" Sena); Right of Way (Majid Naficy); who lives (Alan Rodman); That November Night (s.d.fletcher); Photo: She Never Looked Nice...; The Yellow River (I.P. Freely); I Should Fall (Rachel Robinson); Playing At Bridge With A Wall-Builder (Hal Bogotch); untitled (Roger Houston); Money at War on Worldwide News (Kristine Gloviak);
  • Calendar; Answer LA: Street Protest & March; Event: Orson Bean: A Christmas Carol; Event: Opening JFS; Ongoing Events; Holiday Season: Moonlight Glass; The Vitals Machine (Sara Omari); Back Page: Assorted Images: Feed the People; The Resistance; Stop the "Alt-Right"

Beachhead #421 - November 2016 - #NOVENICEBID; Update on Westminster Storage Facility (Jon Wolff); Presidential Election Analysis (Joe Delaplaine); Well Baby Center (Barbara A. Mastej); The State of the Beachhead (Not the Editor); Graphic: BID Wars (Jon Wolff); Stop the BID: What Can I Do?; The Peace and Freedom Party on State Propositions; LA County Measures; Photo: Painting of Deborah Groening (Barbara A. Mastej); Election Hell (Eric Alberg); The Journey to the Jerusalem Prayer Project; Photo: Stephen Longfellow Fiske; New Homeless Program with Proven Track Record Comes to Venice; Graphic: Ending Homelessness; Ad: Well Baby Center; Ad: Moby Dick Reading; Calendar; Family Connect Day; Ongoing Events;

  • POETRY: Let's Blow the Whole World Up! (Marty Liboff); Trigger Warning - Words! (C. Rules); I was sad.2 (Alan Rodman); let it drop (Alan Rodman); Back Page: Assorted Images: #NODAPL; Water Is Life; Pussie Against Trump; Get Out of Dogtown; Paintings: Gobble Venice, Snatchthat (Barbara A. Mastej)

Beachhead #420 - October 2016 - Photo: Venice Beach Sunset; Opposing the BID Round 2; The Theft of a Community (Mark Lipman); The Homelessness Meetings Continue (Jon Wolff); Vote November 8! (Alice Stek and Joe Delaplaine); Editorial: Why Oppose the BID?; What is a BID?; What Do BIDS Do?; Quote: Max Rivlin-Nadler; Timeline: The Path to the Venice BID; Graphic: Smash the System (Jon Wolff); By The Side Of The Road (Mary Getlein); Venice Crossword #1; Photo: Venice Monsters; Jon Wolff Graphics Potpurri; Full page Poster: Yes, We Can!; Venice Japanese American Memorial Monument - Moving Forward; Photos: VJAMM obelisk being polished; 2016 International Latino Book Award: The Border Crossed Us; Poetry: Assignment of Meaning (Rachel Wolfe); Holding to Still (Rachael Wolfe); Houseless in Venice (Maraty Liboff); Ocean Photos (Rachel Wolfe);

  • POETRY: don't fold (Alan Rodman); Sunset Strip (Chas Jackson); blood and sand and sunsets (Alan Rodman); This Is The End My Friend (Marty Liboff); rustic (Alan Rodman); Vintage Menu: Lafayette Coffee Shop; Calendar; Folkworks Folk/Root Festival; Ads: Nutritional Warehouse, Steak&Hoagie Company; Ongoing Events; Unurban Coffeehouse; Laundry Love Venice; Mystic Journey Bookstore Event with Krista Schwimmer;
  • Back Page: Poster: Solidarity With Standing Rock

Beachhead #419 - September 2016 - Photo: Cornerstone Theatre Company: Ghost Town; Venice BID Reset by the City Clerk; The Short Version of the Homeless Committee Meeting (Jon Wolff); Letter to VNC from Carol Sobel; Photo: Join the Beachead Distribution Team, Letter: Bemoaning Beachhead Possible Demise - Marty Liboff; Graphic: Neptune (Jon Wolff); Not the Editor's Note: Beachhead Disclaimer; Photo: 2016 KPFK Elections; Review of Maureen Cotter's "In the Beginning" (CJ Gronner); Photos: Maureen Cotter (CJ Gronner); Ad: GreenSceneGardens; Pre-fab Development disaster on Brooks;

  • POETRY: We Are Trepassing On Indian Land (Marty Liboff);The First Things I Remember (Mary Getlein); "Hollywood users usually win" (Kristine Gloviak);
  • Photos (Cornerstone Theatre); Photo: Shame on Lighthouse Brooks LLC; Photo: Memorial (#justice4jascentjamalwarren); Event: Los de Abajo Printmaking Collective; Ad: Jazz@Lincoln Place; Beyond Baroque Calendar; Ads: Laundry Love Venice; Pacific Resident Theater; LA Louver Gallery, G2 Gallery; Ongoing Events; Photos: ellyn&robbie, Skywriting with Glitter; Ellyn and Robbie's CD Release party; Photos: Cafe Fifties Signs from Patrons; Back page: Poster: Abbot Kinney Festival

Beachhead #418 - August 2016 - A Guide to Stopping the Business Improvement District; Photo: OFW; Notes from the Neighborhood Meeting Against the BID; Beachhead Call For Involvement; Warning: Impound; The Theory of Evolution Is False (Jon Wolff); Graphic: Wanted:Carl "The Leach" Lambert (Jon Wolff); Graphic: Venice Secession (Jon Wolff); What Are BIDs?; Form Letter to Mike Bonin; Homeless Bill of Rights Campaign; Sample Letter To Oppose the BID; Listen! Really Loud Alarm Bell! The BID is Coming (; Graphic: Venice, Home; Running VenICE (ICE); Photo: ICE with Endangered Species Mural (M. Saffron); Map: Proposed Venice BID; Photo: UFO's; "40 mgs. of bliss" review (Minister Saffron); Graphics: Homeless Bill of Rights, Poverty Laws; Book Excerpt: Eli Elliot's "You Can Check Out"; Ad: Poetry Book: Jim Smith's "If The Dead Had Email";

  • POETRY: Venice, Yes! (Jim Smith); untitled (Emma Lazarus); Lost (Marika); Mothers Are Cryin (Marty Liboff);
  • Graphic: Dignity WIthout Bigotry (Ronnie Goodman); Beyond Baroque Calendar; Event: Ron Kovic and Roberts Scheer in Conversation; Photos: GhostTown (Eric Alberg); Ongoing Events; Sara Omari column; LCP Public Meeting; Back page: Poster: Venice Beach Music Fest

Beachhead #417 - July 2016 - Chamber of Commerce Trumps Venice; Serial Violators on VNC's Newly Elected Board; Graphic: Peace Is Matriotic; Time for a Vexit from our Overlords (Jim Smith); Election Graphic: Word Cloud; Editorial: Free Beer; Photo: Farewell to Allan's Aquarium; Graphic: Venice Gentrification Council (Jon Wolff); Pjoto: Campaign Platform for Pro-Business Slate; Ad: Ilana Marcosi; Community Activist Petition to Oppose Business Improvement District; VNC Election Collection; Canvas of Official Votes; Photos: Electric Light Parade; Bicycle Safety; Hinano Cafe is a Venice Institution; Photos: Hinano Cafe (Carol Gronner, Minister Saffron); The Beachhead Burger (M. Saffron); "Miracle Salve" Review (M. Saffron); Graphic: Scooby-Doo; Drama Review: A Wilted Mint Julep (Suzy Williams); A View From The Bottom (Pat Raphael); Photo: Ibrahim Butler; Photo: Grafitti: Gentrification in Progress;

  • POETRY: haiku (Devakinanda Das); Bang-Bang You're Dead! (Marty Liboff); Peace Is Crying (Marty Noel-Nivoli); I (Mary Getlein); The President's Women (Tina Catalina Corcoran);
  • Community Calendar; Beyond Baroque Events; Laundry Love Venice Beach; Citation Free Clinic; Art Exhibit and Sale; Lit Show; Ongoing Events; Sara Omari; Seeking Long-Term Solutions for Short-term Rentals; Ad: Steak&Hoagie Company; Back Page: Poster: If You Give Me A Fish....

Beachhead #416 - June 2016 - VNC Election; California Sued for Draining Ballona Wetlands (John Davis); My VNC President Candidacy (Lydia Ponce); The Sky Is Not Falling (Robin Rudisill; Letters; Graphic: Venice Tenants Unite (Jon Wolff); Propaganda 101 (Jon Wolff); Repeal The 80% Tax Break (Mark Lipman); Venice Spirit of Life: Cosmo Goffredo (Paul Tanck); A View From The Bottom (Pat Raphael); Graphic: Klik House Architects (Jon Wolff); Glow Flow: Light Artist (Bianca Ernano); Photos (Bryan Lyles); Crossword: Munchimonster; Will Venice Ever Be Shangri-La? (Mark Saffron); Welcome Back! Sara Omari; VNC Elections Campaign; Food Truck Review (M. Saffron); Occupy Venice Interview with Mike Chamness;

  • POETRY; i am here (Mary Getlein); The Death of Venice (Blake Abramovitz); [morning melody] (Yuan Changming); To Reach Venice Beach (Marty Liboff); Ode To The Rectum (Carol Easton);
  • Community Calendar, Ongoing Events; Back Page: Stop Gentrifying Venice Photo Collage (Mike Chamness)

Beachhead #415 - May 2016 - Motorhome Destroyed By Suspicious FIre; Photos (Molli Cody, Margaret Molloy); We Need an Interim Control Ordinance (Lydia Ponce); Business as Usual (Mark Lipman); Under Our Collective Shadow The Unhoused Sleep (Krista Schwimmer); Letters, Beachhead Sustainers, Beachhead Submissions; A View From The Bottom (Pat Raphael); 1969 and 2016 (Jon Wolff); Graphic: Tami Pardee (Jon Wolff); The Aliens Have Landed (Eino HIll); Whole FOods: A Snake in the Wheatgrass (Min. Saffron); Judge Garland Stumbles Over The Venice Post Office (Jim Smith); Graphic: Popular Resistance (Jon Wolff); Green Fences (Minister Saffron); Photo: Butterfly Mural (Krista Schwimmer); Graphic: Homage to Prince (Audrey McNamara); Tribute: Venice Beach Angel "Frankie"; Tribute: Robert Clifton Burket; Ads: Creative Learning Preschool, Mystic Raven; Roofless TV; Painting (Mark Lipman); Ad: Mark Lipman for VNC VP; Book Signing: Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.; Announcement: Venice Art Block; Review: Flaked (Eric Alberg); Ad: Trading Post Liquor;

  • POETRY; Adoption (Mary Getlein); Venice, CA 90291 (Jim Smith); dollar daze (c. purein); Until It is DOne (Mark Lipman); The Future Man (c. purein); A Perfect Balance (Chaya Silberstein);
  • Community Calendar; Ads: Westside Tenants Union, Art in the Afternoon, GreenSceneGardens, Steak&Hoagie Company, Nutritional Warehouse; Ongoing Events; Exhibition: Too Hot to Handle; Back Page Poster: Venice Spring Fling

Beachhead #414 - April 2016 - You Can't Fool Venice; Change is Coming: Tenants Unite (Mark Lipman); April's Fools Quiz (Roxanne Brown); It Matters (Jon Wolff); Graphic: Housing Is A Human Right (Jon Wolff); Ad: Westside Tenants Union; Letters; Beachhead Sustainers; Local Psycho Predicts Future; Graphic: Carl Lambert (Jon Wolff); A View From the Bottom (Pat Raphael); Crossword (Jon WOlff); Japanese American Memorial Monument (Phyllis Hayashibara); Fundraiser at Hama Sushi; Photo: Proposed Japanese Monument; Photo: Street Art (Krista Schwimmer); Photos: Ayotzinapa Exhibition; Ad: Roofless TV; Graphic: Peacecmaker; Photo: Street Art (Krista Schwimmer); Crossword: Munchimonster; Poster: Power to the People! Bernie For President (Earl Newman); Film Review: North Starr (Matthew T. Stanton); Dear Dr. Karma; Ad: Trading Post Liquor; Book Review: You Can Check Out, by Eli Elliott (Min. Saffron); Graphic: Authority of the Sovereign (Daniel G.); Graphic: Burgled (Jon Wolff); Community Calendar; Ongoing Events;

  • POETRY: City Lights Hymn to the Homeless (Suzanne Verdal); Dump the Drumph (Moishe Specklehead); Photo: Fuck Trump Grafitti; September 1, 1939 (W.H. Auden); Sweet Suicide Serenade (Marty Liboff);
  • Back Page: Venice Coalition Lawsuit; Save Venice Community Event

Beachhead #413 - March 2016 - Graphic: Venice, Mother of Art, Music, Poetry (Jon Wolff); That Special Place In Hell On Sexism and the Rsace for the Presidency (Krista Schwimmer); Mike's Big Headline (Mark Lipman); Coastal Commission: Gov. Jerry Brown's Legacy Drowned (Roxanne Brown); Letters; Bayard Johnson Crosses Over (Greg Foisie); Graphic: Fartee Properties (Jon Wolff); Krista's Mini's; Two Cat Paintings (Mary Getlein); Crossword: Munchimonster's; Photo: No More McMansions; Two More Cat Paintings (Mary Getlein); Did You Know? (Jon Wolff); Book Review: Room, by Emma Donoghue (Mary Getlein); Community Calendar; Ongoing Events; Ad: Trading Post Liquor;

  • POETRY: Hello From Venice Beach (Marty Liboff); The Siren Song - in the key of D (Tina Catalina Corcoran); untitled (Kaysang; "In the Beginning" (Grace Downing); Our Own Vermont (Ivan Smason); Mantra (Lynette); Unbridled Joy (Lynette);
  • Back Page: Help Elena Popp: Fighting Evictions; Basta De Dasalojos

Beachhead #412 - February 2016 - Connecting Communities: VNC Comunity Bridges Initiative; Mobilize to Stop the TPP (Anthony Castillo); Gjusta Continuance, Venice Art Crawl, Vandalism (Roxanne Brown); Letters; New World Agreement; Graphic: Beachhead Sustainer; Graphic: Garcetti (Jon Wolff); Ending Police Brutality (Michael Wambeck); My World Race in America (Ronald K. McKinley); Violence (Jon WOlff); Mining the States of CIty Minds: 2 (John O'Kane); Graphic: Gentrification (Jon Wolff); Passings: Carter Riley Irwin (Krista Schwimmer); Silicon Beach Restrictions FInally In Court (John Davis); Photo: Snowy Egret (Krista Schwimmer); Danny Brookman: Fighting to Make a Difference; Photos; Danny Brookman; Crossword: Munchimonster; Ads: Mystic Raven, Creative Learning Preschool; Logan Mote: Peacewalker; Ayotzinapa: A Roar of Silence; Where Are the New Young Dudes/Glitter Kids? (Anthony Castillo); Ad: Trading Post Liquor;

  • POETRY: Winter in Venice, 2016 (Mary Getlein); The Rottenness of the Poetry Business (David Fewster); Snaggletooth's At Abbot's Habit (David Fewster); untitled (Jared Essig); Love in Venice (J D); The Eyes of Fate (Rachael Robinson); [morning melody] (Juan Changming); Venice Love Report;
  • Community Calendar; Graphic: Drowning (Alisha Sophia); Ad: Westside Tenants Union; Ongoing Events; Pacific Resident Theater, Ad: Nutritional Warehouse; Photos: Venice Beach, 1926-30; Back Page: Move to Oust Coastal Commission Director; California Environmental Logos

Beachhead #411 - January 2016 - Beachhead Declares State of Emergency for Unhoused Citizens in Venice; Fakery, Gjusta and Garcetti (Roxanne Brown); Formerly Hot Venice Real Estate Goes Cold (Eric Alberg); Some Resources For Shelter; Letters; Free Clothes (Jon Wolff); Baseline Mansionization Ordinance; DOCCUPY; The Beachhead Needs You...Now (Anthony Castillo); Scoop on Submitting to Beachhead; Graphic (Alisha Sofia); Interview with Mark Lipman:Poetry Is The Consciousness of This Planet (Krista Schwimmer); Graphic: The Border Crossed Us; Graphic (Jon Wolff); John Trudell Walks On...(Anthony Castillo); Photos: John Trudell; Poem:Change Is Inevitable (Mark Lipman); Ads: GreenSceneGardens, Mystic Raven, Steak&Hoagie Company;

  • POETRY: [thirty-eight word idioms] (Yuan Changming); [you have a dream] (Yuan Changming);
  • Ongoing Events, Pacific Resident Theater, Ad: Nutritional Warehouse; Quote: Subcommandante Marcos; Back Page: Photos: Venice Beachhead Party (Ronald McKinley); Photos: Venice during 1984 Olympics (Regina Barton); Ad: Creative Learning Preschool, Community Calendar



Beachhead #410 - December 2015 - Photos: Community Not Commodity (Anthony Castillo); An Indictment On Homelessness (Mark Lipman); The Nude Beach (Jon Wolff); Photo: Art Tile: Venice Nude Beach; Invite: Free Venice Beachhead's Annual Party; Letters; Monae, Monae (A Love Song for Petr) (Tina Catalina); Critical Mass Flyer; Photos: Burnt RV; Ad: Book:Art Tiles at Venice Beach, 1904-2001; Graphic: Peace in Venice (Jon Wolff); Photo: Suzy Davis arrest,1986; A Question of Mental Health (Mark Lipman); Graphic (Eric Drooker); Memory Lane of 1984 Olympics (Regina Barton); Graphic: Surfer Girl (Alisha Sophia); Graphic: Reward for Apprehension of Jesus Christ (Art Young); Photo: Gerry Fialka and Solomon, OFW; Graphic: Planned Parenthood (Jen Sorrensen); Graphic: Gentrification Bingo; Photos: #StopTheKilling; Graphic: The Pen Is Mightier (Jon Wolff); Images from Adbusters; Crossword: Munchimonster's; The Raving Raven: Books for the Conscious Revolutionary (Krista Scwhimmer).

  • POETRY: Everyday is Christmas - In Venice (Tina Catalina Corcoran); Fall (Steve Goldman); The Christmas Axis (Ronald K. McKinley); Sand Castles (Paul Beethovan); Program Note (Steve Goldman); Where I'm From (Mary Getlein); Murder by CO2 (Jim Smith);
  • Graphic (Banksy); Community Event Calendar; Photo: Robert Scheer; Ongoing Events; Ad: Nutritional Warehouse; Chee-Wah-Wah, Notes From The Birds; Back Page: Assorted Graphics

Beachhead #409 - November 2015 - Photo: Ongoing Protests Against Police Violence; A Cup of Coffee and Bagel for 15 Cents (Marty Liboff); Graphic Art: Venice Breaks Free (Jon Wolff); Update: Gjusta (Roxanne Brown); Flash: Eviction Defense Network; Photo: Feed the People Sundays; Letters; Letter from Laddie Williams to Police Chief and Captain; Letter from Lisa Green to LAPD; Beachhead Sustainers; Do You Live Here?- De Facto Hotels; Warning: Know Your Rights; The Fucking COPS Are At It Again (A Concerned Citizen); Graphic: Chief Beck: Oops (Jon Wolff); Event: KPFK in Crisis; The Dark Side of Comedy: George Carlin (Jack Neuworth); Rachel Sorsa Sings! (Suzy Williams); The Venice Oceanarium Celebrates 20th Anniversary Reading Moby Dick; Photos Oceanarium Reading (Suzanne Thompson); Art: Moby Dick (Rockwell Kent); Postcard: Ocean Front Walk; Photos: Collection Marty Liboff; Crossword: Munchimonster's Treehouse; A Tree Grows In Venice: The Red-Flowering Gum Tree (Krista Schwimmer); Book Review: Wide Awake: Poets of Los Angeles and Beyond (edited by Suzanne Lummis);

  • POETRY: Wars & Rumors of Wars (Marty Liboff); Wanda Why Aren't You Dead? (Wanda Coleman); Johnny Doe (Yvonne M Estrada); One Miracle (Bill Mohr); The Lady Takes A Powder (Jim Smith); How to Get to Heaven (Bill Hickock); Venice Beach When I First Knew It (Lisa Marguerite Mora); The Black Shirts (Ronald K. McKinley); X Swami X (Steven Alan Gerber);
  • Community Events; Photo: Panic Duo; Photo: X Swami X;Ongoing Events; Graphic (R. Cobb); First Thanksgiving Celebration (Arthur P. Bushnell); Back Page: Directive to Mayor Garcetti & LA Council

Beachhead #408 - October 2015 - Photo Collage: Demand Justice (Margaret Molloy, Eric Alberg); Sharing Economy with Potemkin Walls and False Market rates (Roxanne Brown); Racism Alive And Well In Venice (Greta Cobar); Confessions of X Swami X; Photo: X Swami X (Richard Mann); Swami X Has Left tthe Building (Jack Neuworth); Letters; Lost In The Belly Of The Beast (anonymous); Diagram: Beachhead Sustainer Drive; Graphic: Venice Secedes From L.A. (Jon Wolff); From Wikipedia: Swami X; photo: Illegal Ellis Act Eviction (Judy Branfman); Have You Been Evicted From A Rent-Controlled Venice/LA apartment?; Venice: Find Your Champions (Krista Schwimmer); Photo: Big Ugly Box (Krista Schwimmer); Photo: Shakespeare's Family (Greta Cobar); Graphic: Progress Is A Train (Venice Chamber of Commerce); Bonin's Plan for Ice RInk on Venice Beach is Back! Again! (Lydia Ponce); Bonin and VNC Support Demolition Derby (Michael Wambeck); Art: Aqua Es Vida, Water Is Life (Jesus V Barraza); In Loving Memory of Monae Lei Momi Hromadko (Greta Cobar); Poem: Monae...Watch (Lionel Powell Treeman); Poem: Monae (Marty Liboff); Photos: Monae, and Father Petyr Hromadko; Poem: child of the strand (Alan Rodman); Event: KPFK Elections; Cartoon: Munchi-Power (Munchimonster); Millie Mims Has Passed Away; Poem: Millie Mims: Angel of Venice (Marty Liboff); Huge Victory for Prisoner's Rights in CA (Anthony Castillo); The Real Bill Of Rights (Marty Liboff); Graphic: George Carlin; Poem/Rant: Swami X;

  • POETRY: "Home" (Warsan Shire); The Art Of Homelessness (Suzanne Verdal); Photo: Home (Krista Schwimmer); Something Is Rotten In Venice (Moishe Meshugge); Black and Blue Blues (Mary Getlein); untitled (Sanatra);
  • Community Event Calendar, Ongoing Events; Fodder Scareya (Martin Sampson); Ad: Nutritional Warehouse; Back Page: Photo Collage: Summer Festivals; Photo: Venice Vintage Pin-ups Contest; Photos: Memorials of Shakespeare and Monae

Beachhead #407 - September 2015 - Photo Mash-Up: Creatures For Change At CYCLAVIA (Eric Alberg); A Tree Grows In Venice: The Pomegranate (Krista Schwimmer); Is It All Fakery? Gjelina's Gjusta (Roxanne Brown); Follow the Money: The Political Will of Creating Homelessness (Mark Lipman); Kim's Market turns to blight (anthony Castillo), Photos: Kim's Market (Anthony Castillo); The Golden Door Countries/The Planetary State (Steve Goldman); Graphic: Venice Cityhood Now! (Jon Wolff); From the Blog of Russell Brand: Death Takes Small Bites; No Comb-Over Presidents (Betty Rexie); Report to Venice from the Ulan Bator Foundation (Arnold Springer); Photos of Global Health Physicians to Ulan Bator; Remarks to Mongolian Doctors (Arnold Springer); Photos: CYCLAVIA (Anthony Castillo); Photos: Pomegranates (Krista Schwimmer); Poster: Venice Beach Music Fest: Photos: Gjusta Encroachment (Roxanne Brown); Graphic: Airbnb: The Vampire (Jon Wolff); Announcement: Jazz At Palms Court;

  • POETRY: growing damp spot (Alan Rodman); untitled (Roger Houston); Photo: Jason Davis Memorial (Ronald McKinley); Hail, the Picket Line (Mark Lipman); I play Music (Ronald Keith McKinley); New on the Market, Serene and Tranquil (Talapeya); X Swami X (Author uncertain); Photo: Swami X (Jan Deen);
  • Community Events; Announcement: Poet Godzilla vs. City Hall; Photos: Collage-O-Rama at the Cadillac Hotel; Ongoing Events; Local Activist, Mark Lipman, To Receive Joe Hill Labor Poetry Award (Krista Schwimmer); Excerpt: Joe Hill; Event: Night of the Living Word; Ad: Nutritional Warehouse; Back Page: Poster: Abbot Kinney Festival

Beachhead #406 - August 2015 - The Sunshine Is Free: Aftermath of LAPD's Beating of Samuel Calhoun Arrington (Krista Schwimmer); Photo: Samuel Calhoun Arrington (Cleo A. Battle); Venice, The Garden of Eden? (Charlotte Purein); Attention: Welcome to Occupied Venice; Black Beast Fakes Parking (Roxanne Brown); Letters; Beachhead Interviews Cleo Battle, Sister to Samuel Calhoun Arrington; Letter: Encampments (David Busch); Graphic: Developers (Jon Wolff); Graphic (Thomas Nast); The Golden Door (Steve Goldman); Photo: Cleo Battle; Ad: The Great Western Steak & Hoagie Company; Photos; Gjusta, The Black Beast (Roxanne Brown);Painting: You Are A Terrorist (Audrey McNamara Garcia); Book: Chemo:Secrets to Thriving; Event: Philomenian 8; Ad: Mystic Raven; Photos: Suzy Williams-Brad Kay Lit Show (Pegarty Long); Announcement: Maurenn Cotter's One-Woman Show: Moe's Nuts; Photo Panorama: Rally to Save Venice (Eric Alberg); Graphic: Venice 2020 (Jon Wolff);

  • POETRY: Venice 90291 Fact or Fiction (John Davidson); Venice (Dolan Andrews); Untitled (Lynne Bronstein); Heart's Cup Is The Communion Of Habits (The Monkey King); Safe Passage Makes A Hall (The Monkey King); untitled (Ronald McKinley); untitled (Philomeme Long); untitled (Roger Houston); John Doe (Steve Goldman); They're Wrong To Call ITt The Little Death And To Hell With The Here And Now (John Thomas); untitled (Alan Rodman); Shot (Austin Strauss); Excerpt From Queen Of Bohemia (Philomene Long);
  • Community Event Calendar; Ongoing Events; Ad: Occupy Venice Film Series; Ad: Nutirional Warehouse; Back Page: Poster: Venice Beach Music Fest

Beachhead #405 - July 2015 - Venice's 110th Birthday
Saving Venice One More Time (Jim Smith); Fake It Till You Bake It (Roxanne Brown); In Praise of Rachael Dolezal (Steve Goodman); Letters; Ad: Suzy Williams and Brad Kay: Lit Show; Letters: Re: Cobar's Resignation; Graphic: Carricane (The Beehive Collective); Archives: 1969 Interview With John Haig (Jim Smith); Ad: T-Shirt: Venice where art meets crime; A Tree Grows In Venice (Krista Schwimmer); Tree Photos: (Krsta Schwimmer); Play Review: Family-Dysfunction, Pinter Style (Suzy Williams); Photos: Oakwood Barbecue 2013 (Eric Alberg); LAPD Memorial "End of Watch" (Joe Delaplaine); Thug Beats Houseless Man (Jessica and Ben); Cartoon (Boardwalk Bob); Graphics (The Beehive Collective); Cartoon (R. Cobb);

  • POETRY: Emmanuel AME (Ronald McKinley); Venice is sinking (Jim Smith); Fear (Majid Naficy); Possession Is Dispossession (Anthony Fiorillo); Cost of Learning (Lulu Carmone); "Opposition of Ideas" (Miles Krumpak);
  • Photo: OFW Panorama (Eric Alberg); Community Event Calendar; Photo: Fialka Funny Farm (Coast Calligraphy); Ongoing Events; Keeping Jim Morrison's Spirit Alive: Peace Frog (Jack Neuworth); Photo: Art Plaque; Back Page: Save Venice Fundraiser; Photo: Supporters of Free Venice Beachhead; Ad: Nutrition Warehouse

Beachhead #404 - June 2015 - A High-Tech Squeeze and Gridlock Threaten to Take Venice Down (John Stein); LAPD Murder Is Followed by Bonin's Retaliation (Greta Cobar); Photo: May 20th Memorial (Louis Minotti); Letters; Cobar Resignation (Greta Cobar); Support of Cobar (Marty Liboff); T-Shirt Fraud on OFW (Rachel Bloomfield); Attention: LAPD (Shane Williams); Lagoon Killers (John Davis); Bonin Unable to Solve Venice-Centric Issues (Nick Antonicello); Ad: Electric Lodge: Kristina Olsen; A Yen For A Hen In A Pen (Marty Liboff); Cartoon: Marty Liboff; Photo; Venice Plunge (1924); Six Degrees of Separation (Sayne Maza); The Rosa Parks of Venice (Deborah Lashever); Photo: Cary Lopiccolo); Greta Says: Re:Mark Ryavek and Vehicular-Housed Residents; Photo: Bonin: People Need Toilets: #Let'sCutTheShit; Brendon Glenn and the Teen Project (Morgan Stewart); Photos: Brendon Glenn, Brendon Glenn Memorial; Historic OFW Houses to Be Demolished (Greta Cobar); Poem: First They Came (Pastor Martin Neimoller); An Artist's Journey (Jack Neuworth); Photo: Eddie De La Barca: Hand-Painted Skateboards (Julie White); Photo; LUPC meeting (Louis Minatti);

  • Poetry: Her Poetry Lives On Bathroom Walls (David Fewster); A Stirring Underfoot (Mark Lipman); City of Angels (Marty Liboff); Pale Life (Joanna Silva); untitled (Roger Houston); Community Event
  • Calendar; Ongoing Events; Ads: Dr. Bradley Bobbs, GreenSceneGardens; Art: The Greed-Power Saber (Anthony Fiorillo); Photo Essay: The Oil Spill Reaches Venice (Great Cobar and Ray Rae); Back Page: Photos: Tom O'Neill's Accidentally Demolished Home (Nick Smith); Photos: Lost Mural, Bike Racks (Greta Cobar)

Beachhead #403 - May 2015 - Photos: Nationwide Killing Spree Hits Venice; The Venice meeting concerning the murder of Brendon Glenn (Jim Smith); That Dark Parade: Protestors Take to Venice Streets (Krista Schwimmer); Only Black Cops Go to Jail (Greta Cobar); Letters: A Matter of Class (Brad Kay); Mike Bonin, "Technically Doing His Job (Krista Schwimmer); Marty Liboff cartoon; We Must Stop The TPP (Anthony Castillo); 758 Sunset PLUM Hearing (Ivonne Guzman); Adding More Fakery: Update; Gjelina's (Roxanne Brown); Ad: Beyond Baroque Experimental Theater; Photos: Community Rally Die-In (Krista Schwimmer); Photo: Memorial (Greta Cobar); When Will Mike Meet with Venice? (Mark Lipman); SMPD Profiling of Venice Homeless (Brian Connolly);

  • POETRY: untitled (Enaj Pitchford); Mama (Chaya Silberstein); Sticks and Stones (Mark Lipman); A Rain Prayer for California (Majid Naficy); Breasts (Mary Getlein); untitled (Roger Houston); untitled (Jaclyn A. Zepnick); Chief of Police Occurrences Log;
  • Photo: Bonin vs. Busch; Quotes: What was said at the meeting:; Tami Pardee: Evictor; Community Event Calendar; Ongoing Events; Graphic: The Beehive Collective; Back Page Poster: Venice Spring Fling

Beachhead #402 - April 2015 - Photos: Bathhouses in Venice; Take A Bath Your Stinker! (Marty (Shtunken) Liboff; Venice Fights Back: NO Short-Term Rentals (Mark Lipman and Greta Cobar); Time to Take Back Our Post Office: Joel Silver Runs Out of Money (Greta Cobar); Staff Box, Sustainer List; Letters: No Title (Therese Daniels); No Title (Tina Catalina Corcoran); My Solution: Build a Wall (David Moeller); The Law of the Land (Rene Kraus); TedX Event Review and Feminism (Teresa Carney White); Where Have All the Neighbors Gone? (Krista Schwimmer); Ad: Fundraiser at Hama Sushi on April 23; Vietnam, Viet Nam (Jim Smith) Poem: Peoples' Victory (Jim Smith); Update: Venice Japanese American Memorial Marker (Phyllis Hayashibara); Think Community and Grow It (Eric Ahlberg); Lyrics: Demo (Sam Clay, Suzy Williams and Eric Ahlberg); No More Fiesta, thanks to Greedy Developers (Joe Delaphaine); Homeless but far from Hopeless (Jack Neworth); Photo by Julie White; Obit: Evans Haas - Fair Winds and Following Seas (Ken Haas); Community Ferments As Alcohol Licenses Multiply (Krista Schwimmer); Councilmember Mke Bonin Takes Jurisdiction (Ivonne Guzman); --

  • POETRY: For Juan Carlos (Della Franco); The Price of Doing Business (Mark Lipman); u deserve 2 - *2 fight 4 U (bETO tREE sUN); Love Chat (Eric Ahlberg); untitled (Roger Houston); Shopping Cart Lady (Steve Goldman); I Rejoice - When I Hear Your Voice (Tina Catalina Corcoran); me & d (Rex Butters) -- Bed and Beer {reprint from July 1989 Beachhead] (Carol Fondiller); Calendar

Beachhead #401 - March 2015 - SPECIAL WOMEN'S ISSUE
Long Live Millie Mims! (Suzy Williams); Deborah Lashever: Shero of Venice (Greta Cobar); Rock On, Lisa Green! (Greta Cobar); Letters; In Memory of Philip Edward Lord (Sam Abbes); VNC's Questionable Motions (Aura Goldburg); Venice Beach: The People's Beach (Peggy Lee Kennedy); Grunion Party!; Inside the TEDx Conference - A Speaker's Perspective (Brad Kay); Mechanical Car Lifts in Venice? (Ilana Marosi); Net Neutrality Update: WE WON!!! (Anthony Castillo); Print: Pro Choice (Medusa); Update: Gjelina's Gjusta, Sauce, Kim's Market, Rose Cafe (Roxanne Brown); Not An Interview With Paul Beethoven (B. Meade)

  • POETRY: Poem to Philomene Long; Indian Paintbrushes (Paul Beethoven); Earl Newman 85th Birthday!; Poetry: I know a woman (Mary Getlein); Silent Bells (Lynette); untitled (Ashkii Newton); Mind Your Mind (Ronald McKinley); untitled (Roger Houston); Greetings From Slab City (Dusty P. Greenhaus); Poleece in Venice (Moishe Shmendrick); Black Buddha In A Dark Alley (Philomene Long); A New Beginning (Hal Bogotch); "Abstractions on a Reoccuring Theme" (Miles Krumpak);
  • Photo: Rose Cafe Entrance (Pegarty Long); Song: (We Rally Around) The Old Beachhead (Clay, Williams, Kay); Drawing: Chee Wah Wah! (Marty Liboff); Community Events; Photos & Collage: Beachhead's 400th Issue Celebration (Margaret Molloy & Eric Alberg)

Beachhead #400 - February 2015 - 400TH ISSUE
The Beat Goes On! (Marty Liboff); Historical Venice OFW Homes Destined To Be Axed (Pegarty Long); Letters; Tree Massacre at Oxford Lagoon (Charlotte Purein); Sewer Project Broken (John Davis); The Politics of Painting Pagodas (Krista Schwimmer); Je Suis Beachhead; Charlie Hebdo: Not So Much (Jim Smith); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); Update: Kim's Market, Gjelina's Gjusta, and Sauce Appeal Hearing (Roxanne Brown); The Illusion of Crime and Enforcement of Poverty (Mark Lipman); Bird Totems of Venice: The Gull (Krista Schwimmer); Poem: Cold Ellison VI (Philomene Long); Poetry: The People's Doge of Venice (Jim Smith); Bringing Home The Beachhead (Brenda Harvey 1978 reprint); The Beachhead and Me (Suzy Williams); A Reminiscence (Jim Zane); My Mom, Anna Haag-Ricci (Thomas Duggan);

  • POETRY: The People's Doge of Venice (Jim Smith); Hybrids (Mary Getlein); My Pain Is Never Borrowed (krista schwimmer); Centurion's COmplaint (John Haag); You deserve to fight for you (bETO); Two Thousand to Twelve (Roanld Keith McKinley); whole world eye (Rex Butters); Homeless I? (John Davis); A Philosopher's Memories of Venice Apartment (John Thomas); untitled (Roger Houston); This Paper Is a Poem (Marty Liboff);
  • Community Events; As Venice Falls, Who Will Hear Her Appeal? (Krista Schwimmer); Get That Filthy Rag Out of My Yard! (Carol Fondiller 1978 reprint)

Beachhead #399 - January 2015 - Happy New Year Venice! (Eric Alberg); Google Fiddles While Net Neutrality Burns (Anthony Castillo); Painting: Venice Sign (Audrey McNamara-Garcia); Letter response from Family Services (Nika Cavat); Bins Are In At Gjusta (Roxanne Brown); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); Bird Totems of Venice: The American Coot (Krista Schwimmer); The Christmas Massacre of Trees - 2014- Oxford (Marcia Hanscom); Venice Stories: William Attaway (Jason Hill);

  • POETRY: A Visit (mary Getlein); The Blind Waltz (Miles Krumpak); The American Dream Scheme (Marty Liboff); Yo Saturnalia! (Jim Smith); untitled (Roger Houston);
  • Harry Drinkwater Remembered; 12th Annual Venice Film Fest; Californai Coastal Commission Meeting; Beyond Baroque Calendar; Poster: The Future Is Peace (Asela Perez)




Beachhead #398 - December 2014 - Happy 46th Birthday, Beachhead!; This Paper Is A Moebius Loop! (Erica Snowlake); Invasion of the Afflu-Hip (Carol Fondiller 1974 reprint); Letters; Open Letter to the People of Venice (Yitzak Gersman); VNC President Mike Newhouse, Dictator of Time (Krista Schwimmer); First Venice Street Store For Homeless Smashing Success (Michael Wambeck); Do Not Co-Operate With Organized Crime (John Haag reprint); No Help For Jean - Life on the Streets (Jim Conn reprint); Venice Stories: Jim Smith (Jason Hill); Big Money Wasted on Airport Measure D (Martin Rubin); Women's Rights, Again (Mary Getlein); Update - 320 Sunset - Gjelina's Gjusta - Farce and Fakery (Roxanne Brown); Photo Collage: November in Venice (Vivianne Robinson); Bird Totems of Venice: The Cormorant (Krista Schwimmer); RIP Sunshine Baker; RIP Dr. Geek; Happy Holidays! A Tip Topper Christmas! And a Hoppy New Year!: Hopalong Cassidy (Marty Liboff);

  • POETRY: untitled x 2 (Roger Houston); Blossoms, Blossoms, and Blessings (Tina Catalina Corcoran); At the Laundromat Off Main and Sunset, Venice, 1999 (krista schwimmer); untitled (Alan Rodman); Diane - (Mary Getlein); I Too Bled (Ronald Keith McKinley); I Can't Breathe (Majid Naficy); A Sunset with Mary, Patty and Greta (Marty Liboff);
  • The Talking Stick Closes (Eric Alberg); Poster: Stop Racism! Stop Police Violence! (Scott Braley)


Beachhead #397 - November 2014 - The "Cleaning Up" of Venice (Deborah Lashever); Venice to Newcomers: SpareMe! (Greta Cobar); Letters; Asbestos Poisoning (Romero Matzalan); Moby Dick reading; Gjelina's 320 Sunset Update (Roxanne Brown); Book Signing: The Art Tiles of Venice Beach (Kay Brown); Bird Totems of Venice: The Pelican (Krista Schwimmer); Citizen's Speak to Save Trees - Lend Your Voice! (Kris Ellenberg); Hve a Hunger to Help? Join the People's Potluck (Mike Chamness); 'Homeless Bill of Rights' info; Volunteer for Free Storage Venice; Kidnapping in Venice (Unnamed Beachhead writer);

  • POETRY: Fly Away (Mary Getlein); Scar Can You See the Scar? (Marty Noel-Nivoli); Manifestation (Ron McKinley); ..And When We Danced, The World Stood Still (Johnathan Leonard Mills); The Map of Your Hunger (B. Meade); untitled (Roger Houston); Trick or Treat - I Touched You Now Ya Got Ebola (Marty Liboff);
  • When The Music's Over (the Doors) (Marty Liboff); Venice Stories: Poster Artist Earl Newman (Jason Hill)


Beachhead #396 - October 2014 - Photo: Chalk Art: Abbot Kinney Festival (Greta Cobar); Watch Out: Cameras are Recording You: Bollards Won't Save You (Greta Cobar); Letters; Krista's Mini's; The Plot Thickens (Roxanne Brown); Bird Totems of Venice: The Snowy Egret (Krista Schwimmer); Drought Strategy: The Concrete Jungle (laura Shepard Townsend); We Could Have Danced All Night (Marty Liboff); New Petition Filed in Sale of Historic Post Office (Greta Cobar); Edward Bieberman and The Painting of the Post Office Mural (Suzanne W. Zada); Occupy Film Series Kicks Off Season (Krista Schwimmer);

  • POETRY: What's Wrong (Pano Douvos); Ways To Fill Holes (Chaya Silberstein); untitled (Roger Houston); Owed to the Children (John Kertisz);
  • Venice Stories: The Gas House (Jason Hill); Poetry: Who Pays for the Pigs! YOU DO!!! (Moishe Pupik); My Cat, Athena (Mary Getlein); Poster: Places The U.S. Has Bombed Since W.W.II (Josh MacPhee)


Beachhead #395 - September 2014 - Venice Celebrates The Life of Jay Adams (CJ Gronner); Letters; Photo: 40-yr Resident Pauline celebrates 100th Birthday (Greta Cobar); Boardwalk Beating: "Worse Than Rodney King" (Krista Schwimmer); Michael Brown (Marty Noel); SMO: A Park...or Biz As Usual? (Laura Shepard Townsend); Russ Baker: from Venice High School to Award-Winning Investigative Journalist (Anthony Castillo); Venice Stories: "Touch of Evil" (Jason Hill); P.O.P. by the Sea (Marty Liboff); Pangiotis Douvos is the Pano we all Love (Greta CObar); Poem: Not to Frown (Pano Douvos); History, Shmistory! (Laura Shepard Townsend); Todd and Theo Von Hoffmann - Two For The Renaissance (Suzy Williams); Don't 'Chekov' This From Your List (Suzy Williams); Kim's Market / 320 Sunset Updates (Roxanne Brown);

  • POETRY: Jay Adams (Marty Liboff); love hate venice (Della Franco); Waiting on the Muse (tom Beatty); Ferguson, Missouri, 2014 (Mary Getlein); untitled (Roger Houston); A Love Affair (Laura Shepard Townsend); About a Love (Virag Vida); Post Racial Ferguson (Ronald K. McKinley); The Great Cop Out! (Moishe da Kooken Cocker);
  • Photos: Beyond Baroque: "Bukowski in the Bathtub"; Abbot Kinney Festival poster


Beachhead #394 - August 2014 - It Struck! (Greta Cobar); Will Venice Become A City of Strangers? (Bruce Meade); I'm Not Pledging That! (Deborah LaShever); Letters; Venice Stories: Shogo Kubo (Jason Hill); Z Budapest: Feminist Witch Who Fights Back (Krista Schwimmer); Kim's Market and 320 Sunset Updates (Roxanne Brown); Venice Artist Stephanie Visser (Tina Lynch); Photos: 8th Annual Venice Community BBQ & Potluck (Greta Cobar); All Aboard the Tram (Marty Liboff); RIP: Carol Pomerantz 1933 - 2014;

  • POETRY: Hands (mina); Carol Pomerantz (Marty Liboff); Surfing the Breakwater (B. Meade); There Are Never Enough Ravens In A Poem; Love, You Are Green And Dark (Philomene Long); You Bring Me Apple Trees, Flowering Apple Trees (John Thomas); untitled (Roger Houston); Perhaps Now (Hillary Kaye); God Took A Photograph (Rus McCoy); To My Unknown Friend (Mary Getlein);
  • 7th Philomenian Presents: Bukowski In The Bathtub; How Far We have Come (Mark Lipman); Poem: One Love (Marty Liboff); Poster: Venice Beach Music Fest


Beachhead #393 - July 2014 - VENICE INDEPENDENCE ISSUE
Happy 109th Birthday, Venice!; Venice, Burning to be Restored (Jim Smith); L.A. Living in Vehicle Law Found UnConstitutional (Peggy Lee Kennedy); 320 Sunset Update (Roxanne Brown); California Coastal Commission's decision to Demolish 8 Homes Demoralizes Venice (Krista Schwimmer); Bonin Walks From Meeting (Mary Getlein); A Historytelling: Last Run (Delores Hanney); The Raft (Cal Porter); John Johnson of Change Links will be missed (Clay Claiborne); A Parade Was Planned (John Johnson reprint ); & Cancelled (Jane Gordon reprint); Batman of Venice (Krista Schwimmer); Wild and Wonderful Windward (Marty Liboff); Archival Postcards of Venice;

  • POETRY: A Song to Abbot Kinney's Venice (Marty Liboff); RIP: Eden Wingate Eastin Andes; Poem: for Eden (Mary Getlein); Eden in Venice (David Busch); Free Storage Venice: Homeless Sleeping Bag Fundraiser; LAPD Steps Up Harassment of Boardwalk Patrons (Clay Claiborne); Poetry: A Creation Myth (Laura Shepard Townsend); Sometimes (Pano Douvos); The Empty Aisle (Pasquale Trellese);
  • More Or Less? (Spirit of Venice); Property Rights (Mark Lipman);


Beachhead #392 - June 2014 - Front Porches or Fortresses: You Decide (Krista Schwimmer); We Are Venice - Get Up and Fight! (Peggy Lee Kennedy); OH RATS! (Carol Fondiller reprint); Letters; VEN-ICE (Jim Smith); Hate Crime on Glyndon Ave. (Mary Getlein); Maya Angelou: An Appreciation (Amanda Seward); Beware of Google's PR Whitewash (Anthony Castillo); Labor and the Environemnt (Mark Lipman); "Perceptions of Improprieties" Halt 320 Sunset (Krista Schwimmer); ENVIROGATE (John Davis); Free Venice (Marty Liboff); Photo Collage: Big Ugly Boxes (Greta Cobar); Henry V - Five Stars (Suzy Williams);

  • POETRY: Phenomenal Woman; Still I Rise (Maya Angelou); Working In Obscurity / Dying Outside Eternity (Jeremy Roberts); Words (Paul Beethoven); Venice Dreams (Marty Liboff); For Lucca Jazz Winston, 2014 (Mary Getlein); untitled (Roger Houston); Street Dancing (Lynette);
  • Between the Piers (Cal Porter); Photos: Venice Surf & Skate Fest (Margaret Molloy)


Beachhead #391 - May 2014 - What's Up With The Beach Curfew? (Peggy Lee Kennedy); Stopping Hyper-gentrification, One Conversation At A Time (Krista Schwimmer); Photo: Mural by Marioe (Greta Cobar); Letters; Showdown at Ballona Gap (John Davis); Venice Activists Mediate in Beach Cleanups (Eric Alberg); Grunion Festival: Topless Ladies Wearing Roses...(Marty Liboff); Beachhead Recommendations for VNC Elections; Endangered Species Mural (Emily WInters); Lawsuit Filed over "Brooks Avenue Painting" (Greta Cobar); "Story of Venice" Belongs in Venice (Greta Cobar); Kim's Market to become an 80-seat Restaurant (Greta Cobar); Monarchs Not Monarchy! (Krista Schwimmer); Venice Mosaic House: Let's Play House - with Dirt and Color (Greta Cobar); Michael Jost - He's the Most! (Suzy Williams);

  • POETRY: Touched (Franciso Letelier); the story (Pano Douvos); The Fulfiller of Expectations (Humberto Gomez Sequeira-HuGoS); What Style is so Diluted! (Paul Beethoven); Authentic Night (Laura Shpard Townsend); untitled (Devakinandana); The Rich & Famous and the Poor & Unknown (Marty Liboff); Love's Recovery (Ronald K. McKinley); untitled (Roger Houston);
  • Endangered Species: Venice Artist (Letelier & Fama); Laura Silagi & Dennis Hathaway: Activism, Art and Love in Venice (Laura Shepard Townsend); Electric Lodge Event


Beachhead #390 - April 2014 - VNC To Teague: 1414 Main Offensive, Not the Neigborhood (Krista Schwimmer); Construction Waivers Banned in Venice (Greta Cobar); Boxes Blight Brooks (Anthony Castillo); Letters, The Drum Circle and the Criminalization of Free Speech (Ronald K. McKinley); Drawing (Audrey McNamara); Santa Monica Airport to Become a Park (Laura Silagi); Ruthie in the Bakery (Marty Liboff); In Memoriam: Billie Harris: Serving the Highest Art 1937 - 2014 (Chuck Bloomquist); Not Another Gjelina at 320 Sunset! (Greta Cobar); New Bollards, More Yellow Than the Old Bollards (Greta Cobar); RIP: Mama Faith Santos 1953 - 2014; Photos: Return of Sponto's Party (Margaret Molloy); Sponto's partied like the good ol' days (Mary Getlein); Delightfully Ellyn... (Anne Alvarez); Beachhead Saves the Day in Japan for Hama Sushi (Phyllis Hayashibara);

  • POETRY: 7 Dudley (Rex Butters); The Moth (Philomen Long); Gaia (Ronald McKinley); Now It Is Long Ago (John Thomas); Haiku Venice (Keroac Style) (krista Schwimmer); simply (Frank T. Rios); Poem For Philomene (Stuart Z. Perkoff); poetry is the game (Tony Scibella); Venice as Mecca, or Jerusalem (John Haag); Home (Mary Getlein); Songs of The Gods (Marty Liboff);
  • Electric Lodge Events


Beachhead #389 - March 2014 - SPECIAL WOMEN'S ISSUE
Venice Community Activist Jataun Valentine (Greta Cobar); Dolores Huerta Homage; Interview of Mary Getlein (Mary Getlein); Letters; Google Is Trying to Bring Its Evil to Venice (Greta Cobar); Why is Land Use Committee facilitating Google? (Mark Lipman); VNC Fails to Represent Venice (Eric Alberg); Nightmare on 1414 Update (Krista Schwimmer); 758 Sunset Avenue Project: Twice Defeated But the Fox Still Circles the Henhouse (Krista Schwimmer); 320 Sunset Development (Greta Cobar); Abbot Kinney Boutique Hotel: the Devil You Know (Krista Schwimmer); Photos: Venice Mardi Gras; Photos: Return of Sponto and It Came From Venice Show; Photo: High Surf Closes Venice Pier (Steve Christiansen);

  • POETRY: Franceye, Again; Venice, 2014 (Mary Getlein); Venice Nights (Savannah B. Nolan); Epitah (Humberto Gomez Sequeira-HuGoS); Necessity (Hillary kaye); Remembering Amnesia (Suzanne Verdal); Venice Drumbeats (Marty Liboff); My Happiness Has Wings (James Stone); 1 Wanda (Pano Douvos); You Can't Play Music There (Ronald K. McKinley); Dudley Avenue Pagoda (B. Meade);
  • Letter Response (Shelley Luce); Open Letter to Councilman Mike Bonin (Mark Lipman); Response to Shelley Luce (John Davis); Women of Character, Courage and Committment (Krista Schwimmer); Electric Lodge: Your Solar-Powered Arts Facility!


Beachhead #388 - February 2014 - Local Coastal Plan to Become Law of Land for Venice (Greta Cobar); 1414 Mian Too Much For LUPC! (Krista Schwimmer); Painting: Eclectic Ave. (Frank Strasser); Letters; Bonin Mute, County Screws Ballona, Shelly Luce Is Fast and Loose (John Davis); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); Hey, Google, Don't Be Evil! (Anthony Castillo); Guantanamo, Revisited (Mary Getlein); New Year's Day Venice Penguin Swim (Beth Allyn); Pete Seeger: Never Gone (Anthony Castillo); Original Silkscreened posters of Pete Seeger (Earl Newman); Book Review: Art Tiles at Venice Beach (Eric Alberg); Talking Stick Lounge presents Film: How To Become An Outlaw; The Roosterfish - Serving Gay Venice Since 1979 (CJ Gronner); Anthony Newley Hits Venice (Suzy Williams);

  • POETRY: The Venice Primer (Marty Liboff); Beyond All This (Aryn Youngless); Social Soul (Ronald K. McKinley); Homing in (bETO Perez); untitled (Roger Houston); Whole Life is Black (Jax Zepnick); Back Street Life (mt);
  • Never Forgotten: Amiri Baraka (Anthony Castillo); Artist Frank Strasser Reflects the Light and Fun of Venice (Great Cobar); Poem: Feel Like I'm Livin' A Lie (Frank Strasser); Electric Lodge Presents...


Beachhead #387 - January 2014 - Nightmare on 1414 Main Street (Krista Schwimmer); Monstrosity Hotel Proposed Across from Westminster School (Holly Mosher); Letters; Starbucks Brings Jim Crow to Venice (Brian Connolly); To Store and/or To Discard (Laura Shepard Townsend); Santa Monica Airport: Change IS IN The Air (Laura Silagi); Why I Prefer Gangsters Over Yuppies (Rene Kraus); Police Selectively Enforcing Vending Ordinance on OFW (Timothy Trygg); Emergency Services: Enabling Life (Peggy Lee Kennedy); Photos: Venice's Finest Poets Reading at Beachhead's 45th (John Decindis);

  • POETRY: Suffer (Ronald K. McKinley); How Far? (Tina Catalina Corcoran); The Heroic Age of Venice (Jim Smith); The River (Mary Getlein); Red High Heels (Pano Douvos);
  • Bonin, Supervisors Support Ballona Wetlands (John Davis); The Sun Is Coming Back (Eric Alberg); Google's Ghetto by the Sea (Theo Kirkham-Lewitt); RIP Nelson Mandela - 1918-2013; Poetry: untitled (Roger Houston); I Envy You, South Africa! (Majid Naficy); Photos: Beachhead's 45th AnniversaryCelebration.



Beachhead #386 - December 2013 - 45TH ANNIVERSARY ISSUE
Beachheads Write On The Beachhead (Gronner, Cobar, Getlein); Photo: Venice pier (Cary Lopiccolo); Letters; Murder and Mourning in Venice (CJ Gronner); Cruel, Unnecessary, Illegal and Immoral Harassment of Homeless by LAPD (Brian Connolly); Photos: Moby Dick reading (Je Stanford), Anti-fracking rally (Greta Cobar); GQ or not GQ (Eric Alberg); ventures on the way (bETO); Get to Know: Chuck's Briefs (Greta Cobar); Chuck's Briefs (Chuck Bloomquist reprint); And Further Out (Carol Fondiller reprint); Beachhead - inside to out (Rick Davidson reprint); An Interview with John Haag (Suzy Williams reprint); Abbot Kinney to be Christmas Host (Laura Shepard Townsend); Photo: Current Beachhead Collective; An Animal House For Our Zoo (CJ Gronner); Gregg Cruz and Peter Hromadko: Venice Street Legends (Great Cobar); Wanda Coleman: 1946 - 2013 (Richard Modiano);

  • Poetry: Observations On The Color Black (Philomene Long); About God & Things (Wanda Coleman); Bedtime Story (Wanda Coleman); For Luna Archer, 3 Months Old (Mary Getlein); Do You See! (Emily Wood); Notes From Venice (Michael McCoon); untitled (Roger Houston); Atomic Child (Humberto Gomez Sequeira-HuGoS); To live and die in capitalism (Roxanna Gomez Sequeira); Venice as Mecca, or Jerusalem (John Haag);
  • Community Events; Art poster: Beachhead's 45th Anniversary (Earl Newman)

Beachhead #385 - November 2013 - 50 Years After The Coup That Changed America Forever (Jim Smith); Letters; Town Hall: Venetians Say No To Bollards and Cameras (Greta Cobar); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); EPIC P&F Campaign: End Poverty in California (Eric Alberg); Dream Come True: Equal Access to Justice (Greta Cobar); The Townhouse: Drinking Up Venice History (CJ Gronner); Affordable Housing: Basic Human Right (Greta Cobar); Remembering Lou Reed: A Rock n' Roll Animal (Anthony Castillo);

  • Poetry: Miss Suzy - A Love Song (Mary Getlein); Forgetting (Emily Wood); untitled (Roger Houston); Haiku (Devakinandana); Cosmic Grandeurs and warfare (Laura Shepard Townsend); Lives Without Time (Humberto Gomez Sequeira-HuGoS); beats (Steve Tegel); Reflectionless (Arist Niciforos); Assault of a Neighborhood (Laura Shepard Townsend)The Prisoner (Jim Smith);
  • Photos: Halloween on Rialto, 2013 (CJ Gronner)

Beachhead #384 - October 2013 - It Takes a Village...To Keep A Village (CJ Gronner); Political Graphic: "Monument to the Death of Art and Life in Venice" (Carlos Callejo); Using Art in the Struggle for Social Justice (Eric Alberg); Letters; Historic Preservation Architect Says; Restore the Column! (John Ash); Calling on Venetians to get on board the Airport-to-Park Train! (Martin Rubin); Plane Crash; One More Reason to Close Santa Monica Airport (Greta Cobar); Menotti's Coffee Shop Opens On Windward (CJ Gronner); Zipline Leaves Juan Smelling BS (Greta Cobar); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); The Merchant of Venice (Delores Hanney); Change in Peace and Freedom Leadership (Jim Smith); The Venice Symphony Orchestra - Good Vibrations (CJ Gronner); Pondering the Difference: Thought vs Meditation (Francie Wong);

  • Poetry: Why is there always one? (Ronald McKinley); Boots On The Ground (D.J. Carlile); untitled (Roger Houston); Sunday Night (Mary Getlein); Time Is True, But Still (James Stone); Ode to Autumn (Michael Riley); The Blood (Humberto Gomez Sequeira-HuGoS); Only Me (Emily Wood); On Being Homeless in Venice (Brian Connolly);
  • Photos; Abbot Kinney Festival 2013

Beachhead # 383 - September 2013 - Our Oldest Mural Is Gone (Greta Cobar); A New Chapter in the History of Muralism (Suzanne Thompson); Letters; Cindy Sheehan Runs For Governor (Karl Abrams); Coastal Commission Reform, the First Step (John Davis); Third Annual Venice Community Sleep-Out (Mary Getlein); Homeless Bill of Rights Campaign;LAPD in the Spotlight for Racial Profiling (Mark Lipman); CA Prison Strike Exposes US Domestic Torture (Anthony Castillo); Increase Safety by Banning Police Cars on OFW (Greta Cobar); Poem: For Alice Gruppioni, who died here (Mary Getlein);Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); Love Around the World (CJ Gronner); Photo: Memorial for Alice Gruppioni (CJ Gronner); Group Hug (Lisa Green); Photo: Venice Art Wall: In Memory of Alice Gruppioni (Vivianne Robinson); Banksy On A Now-Removed Garage Door in Venice; Sponto Lives Art Exhibit Party (Ronald McKinley); Sixth Annual Philomenian (Mary Getlein); Poems; Poems Are the World Asleep; The Hunger (Philomene Long); Book Review: Venice, Ca.: A City State of Mind by John O'Kane (Carlye Archibeque); Folksinger Fred Gerlach - Venice - circa 1969 (Michael Riley); RIP Alberta Albertano (P.S. Zollo);

  • Poetry: Tide/ Marea (Francisco Letelier); Beloved (Linda Albertano); The empty apartment (Constanze Fiebach); Chain Link Fences (Paul Beethoven); I have become earth (Jim Smith); Ah! But The Poem! (John Thomas); untitled (Tina Catalina); Like a dream (hillary kaye); Enlightenment (Ronald Keith McKinley); My mouse! (Majid Naficy); untitled (Roger Houston);
  • Community Events; Abbot Kinney Festival poster

Beachhead #382 - August 2013 - Artist Profile: Emily Winters (Greta Cobar); Painting: Seascape (Emily Winters); The Case of the Disappearing Benches (Carol Fondiller reprint); Letters; Prison Nation (Mary Getlein); They don't like Cheerios: Race in America (Ronald McKinley); Peter Lodato: Capturing Venice's Light (CJ Gronner); Big Trouble for Playa Vista (John Davis); Manny's Lowrider Bikes Keep Us Rolling (Greta Cobar); Parking, Traffic and Other Evils in Venice (Jim Smith);

  • Poetry: Venice Nights (Savannah B Nolan); Thoughts At The Beach At Night (Glen Fitch); Madman Driving (Arist Niciforos); Guilded (F. Craig Byers); Questions (laura Shapard Townsend); Job (Ronald McKinley); The Philomenian (Jim Smith); North on Robertson (krista schwimmer); untitled (Roger Houston); Litany For Pegarty (Philomeme Long); The Pool Hall (Paul Beethovan); The Void (Humberto Gomez Sequeira-HuGoS); Humanly Possible (Eric Alberg);
  • Sixth Annual Philomenian; Community Events; Suzy's Lit Show Lit Up the Night (CJ Gronner); Maureen Cotter at Beyond Baroque.

Beachhead #381 - July 2013 - VENICE INDEPENDENCE ISSUE
Venice and the Next One Hundred Years (Pano Douvos); Art: Lennie Canal, Venice (Earl Newman); Poem: Venice Vortex (Krystle Shannon); Letters; Sikh on Wheels: Harry Perry (Delores Hanney); $18 Dollars for 40 Seconds Will Do (Greta Cobar); Big Bill's Automotive Fearing Eviction (Greta Cobar); They're Driving Up Real estate on Lincoln (Greta Cobar); Big Boss Man vs the Indigent Children (Eric Alberg); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); Beachhead Front and Center in NOPD Battle (Greta Cobar); This is what commissioner Jack Wickett had to say about Venice, Venetians and the Vibe; Photo: Mayor of L.A. Eric Garcetti, reading Beachhead (Anne Alvarez), How We Won The Third OPD War (Jim Smith), Poem: No Overnight Parking Districts (Karl Abrams); Our Community Efforts: Parking and Post Office (Greta Cobar); Keystone Pipeline: Ecological Disaster (Don Geagan); Photo: Fabian M.V. (David Healey);

  • Poetry: Changes (Marty Liboff); The Mockingbird (Laura Shepard Townsend); North on Robertson (krista schwimmer); The Abyss (Humberto Gomez Sequeira-HuGoS); No Longer (Emily Wood); Beyond (Aryn Youngless); Art or Poetry? (Mary Getlein);
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Rainbow Acres (Anne Alvarez); Community Events; Photo: Neptune Festival (Venice Paparazzi); Photo: Beth Allyn's Venice Bike, Poster: 5th Annual Summer Fest

Beachhead #380 - June 2013 - Keep It Free - Your Spirit and Your Parking Spot (Greta Cobar); Poem: NOPD, NOPD, a thousand times NOPD (Jim Smith); Letters; The Date Rape of Venice (CJ Gronner); Venice High School Getting Greased (Sara Roos); The Learning Garden Takes Root in Venice (Frank Strasser); The Half the Oil Plan (Don Geagan); Total Media Blackout (Mark Lipman); Ray Manzarek: Another Door Closes (Anne Alvarez); One More Time (Mary Getlein); The Rose Cafe Welcomes Back Local Artist Michael Temple (Kathy Leonardo); ARtwalk + Artblock + Artcrawl + Artists (Eric Alberg); Art Aficionados 'Google' the 34th Annual Venice Art Walk and Auction (Anne Alvarez); William Attaway Speaks on Artwalk (Eric Alberg); Francisco Letelier Tells Us How He Feels About the Artwalk (Franciso Letelier); Santa Monica Airport: The Fairness Factor (Martin Rubin);

  • Poetry: GMO, WTO, G.I. Joe, OMG (Mark Lipman); Memorial Day (hillary kaye); Face The (Ronald McKinley); Going Home (Mary Getlein); untitled (Roger Houston);
  • Community Events; NOPD poster

Beachhead #379 - May 2013 - NO OPDs ISSUE
Venice Loves You - NOPDs (Greta Cobar); Letters; Venice Stakeholder OPD Pain in the Ass (Peggy Lee Kennedy); Tell the Bullies to Seek Help (Lisa Green); The Truth About Terrorism (Mark Lipman); VNC Forum Regarding Santa Monica Airport (Martin Rubin); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); Barnyard Bullies (Ian Dean); the ballerina clown turns 25 (Delores Hanney); Happy Mother's Life (CJ Gronner); Family Literacy Day (Krista Schwimmer);

  • Poetry: Beware The Poem (Jim Smith); Untitled (Emily Wood); order of merit (Christopher Mulrooney); Study of Marigolds (Aryn Youngless); Oakwood Mothers (Mary Getlein); untitled (Roger Houston); Like an Animal without Faith (Humberto Gomez Sequeira-HuGoS); A Few More Arguments Against OPDs (Nancy Williamson);
  • Community Events; Poster: Venice Spring Fling

Beachhead # 378 - April 2013 - Keep Venice Free - No OPDs (Greta Cobar); Photo: Venice Oceanarium (Greta Cobar); Poem: To Be A Poet (Mary Getlein); Letters; Venice Japanese American Memorial Marker Fundraiser (Phyllis Hayashibara); Poverty and the Profit Motive (Mark Lipman); March Venice Neighborhood Council Meeting Overview (Greta Cobar); Sidewalk and Bus Stop Taken Over by New Owner of Venice Historical Post Office (Greta Cobar); Failed Boardwalk Ordinance Leads to Abuse of Power (Greta Cobar); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); Crawling For Art in the Snake Run (CJ Gronner); Annenberg In The Dog House (John Davis); Getting Around (Delores Hanney); Happy 25th Birthday, Hal's Bar and Grill (CJ Gronner); Food for the Soul (Anne Alvarez);

  • Poetry: Abbot Kinney's Confession (Jim Smith); Pink Cloud Poem (Philomene Long); A Night in the Ruins (John Thomas); Packaged By Me (Ronald K. McKinley); untitled (Roger Houston); Of Philomene Long (Kristine Mary GLoviak Ferry); Water Fasting (Majid Naficy); What I See (Emily Wood); The Light (Lynette);
  • The Venice Oceanarium: Grunion Party; Photo: Venice Surf and Skatefest (Venice Paparazzi); Community Events

Beachhead # 377 - March 2013 - SPECIAL WOMEN'S ISSUE
Carol Tantau is Just Tantau (CJ Gronner); Writing the American Dream...ON A Grain of Rice (Anne Alvarez); International Women's Day (Yolanda Miranda); Letters; Abbot Kinney to Venice: Bring Me Back Home (Greta Cobar); Taxing Big Oil Could Mean Big Money (Don Geagan); Get Out and Vote (Peace and Freedom Party); Ballona Back Story (John Davis); Women's History: Calling Forth the Fourth Wave (Nike Wind); Little Free Library; Jingles at Bill's (John Davis); Another Nail in the Coffin of Venice (Ian Dean); Venice Filmmaker: Pegarty Long: "An Irish Vampire in Hollywood" (Herbert B. Fishberg);

  • Poetry: Trees (Mary Getlein); Emptied Cup (Arist Niciforos); Hurricane Carla As A Bedtime Story (Paul Beethoven); Elegy for an Immortal (Nike Wind); Simply Passing (Humberto Gomez Sequeira-HuGoS); She (Ronald K. McKinley); World of Gray (Jim Smith); untitled (Roger Houston); HEY! Where's the Sidewalk Cafe? (Tina Catalina Corcoran);
  • Community Events, Painting (Lisa Audino), Old Glory Barber Shop

Beachhead # 376 - February 2013 - VNC Monthly Meeting: The Great Storage Bin Debate (Jamie Virostko); El Bordello Alexandra (CJ Gronner); Letters; Letter: Declare A "Shelter Crisis" in Los Angeles (Barbara Peck); Chuck Cheats at Ballona (John Davis); A Consequence of Being Human: Homelessness and Human rights (Daniel James Keegan O'Connell); The Gun Control Debate (Mark Lipman); SOme Will Never Be Gentrified (John O'Kane); Obit: Nick Lenin Conn (Tina Morehead); Jazz in the Canals (Anne Alvarez); Edward Bieberman Mural (Delores Hanney); Venice Artists Profile: Barbara Mastej and John Ransom (Greta Cobar); Must_See Art at the Rose Cafe (Nike Wind); Photos: Storage Containers for Homeless; Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib);

  • Poetry: I Sing To My Wild Biology (krista schwimmer); My Great Religion (Daniel J. Kaufman); untitled (Roger Houston); Sleep (Humberto Gomez Sequeira-HuGoS); Rattle Moan (Aryn Youngless); False Hopes (Mary Getlein); Moonlight Porch (Majid Naficy); Old in Venice (Lynette);
  • Community Events; Venice Freakshow: Normal Is Dead (CJ Gronner)

Beachhead #375 - January 2013 - Photo: Venice Skate Park (Ray Rae); Venice Homeless Person Not Guilty - For Erecting a Toilet (David Busch); Letter: LA City Wide Mural Ordinance (Emily Winters); Billboard Blight Banned (Dennis Hathaway); Penmar Park Project Lacks Public Hearing (John Davis); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); Our Venice Skatepark: A Diamond in the Rough (CJ Gronner); Mural Illustrating Abbbot Kinney Should Be Moved to Abbot Kinney Library (Greta Cobar); Silicon Tsunami Wipes Out Free Venice (Jamie Virostko); The Killings in Connecticut (Mary Getlein); Sticking ti Their Guns (Jack Neuworth); John Mooney Blows Moonlight Glass in Venice (Greta Cobar); Swami X Speaks; Party for Swami at Bill's (Anne Alvarez);

  • Poetry: Debt Crisis Limerick (TravelinMaam); Where Silence Becomes Light (Humberto Gomez Sequeira-HuGoS); untitled (Roger Houston); The Empty Place of Eddie (Majid Naficy); Xavier (Mary Getlein); Here we Stand (Aryn Youngless);
  • Community Events; Circumstance and Opportunity (Ronald McKinley); Photo: Venice Sign with Touch of Evil mural in background (Todd von Hoffman)



Beachhead # 374 - December 2012 - Venice - Where Art Meets (White Collar) Crime (CJ Gronner); Stand Still for the Apocalypse (Chris Hedges); Letters; Fair Voice on the Sanat Monica Airport Commission (Martin Rubin); California Coastal Commission Silences Pacific Gas & Electric's Airguns (Krista Schwimmer); Archival Photo: Venice Sign Holiday Lighting; The Venice Drum Circle (Free Expression) (Ronald McKinley); Commissioner Burke Speaks to Beach Curfew (John Davis); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); Swami X Speaks; Photo: Swami on Ocean Front Walk (1973); Being Thankful on Thanksgiving, and Always (Anne Alvarez); Happy 44th Birthday, Beachhead!; A Beach Head wries About the Beachhead (Carol Fondiller reprint); this paper is a poem....(Delores Hanney); Photos: The Other Venice Wildlife (Joe Stanford);

  • Poetry: come see me, please (Aryn Youngless); untitled (Roger Houston); To Forget For The Moment (Gabriel Johnson); Oil Verbiage (Lynne Bronstein); A Good Mother (Mary Getlein); Haiku (TravelinMaam); Hope (Majid Naficy); Grunt (Suzanne Verdal); Exposed Root (Tyler Uhlenhake); Operation OXX Brigade (Mark Breza);
  • Community Events; Photo: Moby Dick Reading on Beach; Beachhead Collective letter to Readers; Photo: Grafitti Wall: Happy Holidayz Venice

Beachhead # 373 - November 2012 - Life Creeping Back at Lincoln Place (Greta Cobar); Photo: Abbot Kinney Festival (CJ Gronner); Stop Flying Over My Head (Martin Rubin); Letter (Majid Naficy); Letter honoring Carol Tantau (Bill Rosendahl); Stealth Flood Control Project (John Davis); Cannabis Update (Anne Alvarez); Beachhead Recommendations for the November 6 Election; Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); VNC Election Results; People's Reactions while Canvasing for Proposition 37 (Yes! to Labeling GMOs) (Erica Snowlake); Joel Silver Holds Secret Press Conference Excluding the Press (Greta Cobar); Joel Silver Announces His Immortality at VNC Meeting (Anne Alvarez); Another Night at the Other Venice Film Fesitval (CJ Gronner); Sparkly Party for SPARC's 35th Anniversary Celebration (CJ Gronner); Book Review: The Lure of a Land by the Sea (Greta Cobar);Cats Crying for Your Help (Charles Thomas); The Snake Around Venice (Charles Dunn); Swami X Speaks;

  • Poetry: So Here's My Work Day (krista schwimmer); Parturition (Ronald McKinley); The Old Vine (Majid Naficy); Chemical World (Humberto Gomez Sequeira-HuGoS); Bamboo (Mary Getlein); Beauty is the Outcome (Tyler Uhlenhake); untitled (Roger Houston);
  • Community Events; Moby Dick Read-a-Thon; Abbot Kinney, thanks for the fun! (CJ Gronner)

Beachhead #372 - October 2012 - Don't Sell Out! (Bradley Bobbs); What Have They Done to the Rain? (Mary Getlein); Venice Historical Society Archival: Lennon Sisters Paper Dolls; Letters; Let the Sun Shine on World Peace and a Greener Tomorrow (Don Geagan); "John Steinbeck's 'Sweet Thursday'" (Suzy Williams & Brad Kay); Endeavor Doing Doughnuts over Venice (CJ Gronner); Roseanne Barr, None Other (Ronald K. McKinley); Campaign Song: Roseanne Barr None! (Woodbury, Williams, Kay); The Golden Age of Politics (Chuck Bloomquist); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); Nothing Secedes Like Success (Philip Proctor); Sister Act...with Murder (Delores Hanney); Venice is Best when the Kids are Happy (CJ Gronner); Chicago Teachers Strike (Fred Owens); Swami X Speaks;

  • Poetry: Poem For Autumn (John Thomas); Nervous Skin (Humberto Gomez Sequeira-HuGoS); untitled (Roger Houston); "Democratic Womanism" (Alice Walker); Fire in the Lake (Hillary Kaye); you've forgotten how to scream (Rex Butters);
  • Community Events; Poster: Abbot Kinney Festival

Beachhead #371 - September 2012 - Skateboarding While Black (Ronald McKinley); Roseanne Barr Is Coming to Venice (Karl Abrams); Print: The Gas House (Earl Newman); Letters; Venice to Silver: It's Not Your Mural (Greta Cobar); Skateboarding is Not a Crime (CJ Gronner); Police and Selective Enforcement; Snake Man Cleared of All Charges; Roseanne Barr Visits Venice for Peace and Freedom Party; Earl Newman Goes From Venice to the Smithsonian (Greta Cobar); Skate Parks Cheat Environment at Malibu (John Davis); Cannabis Access Set to Vaporize September 6 (Anne Alvarez); Swami X Speaks; The Venice Sleep Out (Charles Dunn); New Healthcare Provisions Take Effect Amid Controversy (Roger Linnett);The Venice Sleep Out (Charles Dunn); New Healthcare Provisions Take Effect Amid Controversy (Roger Linnett);

  • Poetry: Ancient Mothers (Mary Getlein); In Search of Love (Jacob Pryor); Woodstock Revisited (L.E. Mintz); Mosaddegh at the Hague (Majid Naficy); untitled (Roger Houston); Photo: Readers and Performers of the Fifth Annual Philomenian (Margaret Molloy);
  • Community Events; It's Showtime for Venice Artist: Jaquelyn Fox (Anne Alvarez)

Beachhead #370 - August 2012 - Photo: Jim Morrison Mural (Greta Cobar); Venice Art Scene Heavyweights Square Off Over Propsed Mural Ordinanace (Roger Linnett); Mural Ordinance (Anna Siqueiros and Lisbeth Espinosa); Letters; Solomon (Carole Lee Walsh); Venice Is Bohemian (Sylvia Aroth); Soul Kitchen (Paul Tanck); The Fight to Save Our Post Office Continues (Greta Cobar); Photo: abandoned Property (Jim Smith); Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Future Up in Smoke (Anne Alvarez & Greta Cobar); VNC Meeting: A Study in Patience and Stamina (Roger Linnett); Community Improvements Projects Approved; Calling! 3rd Annual Beyond Baroque Poetry Contest; Event: 24 Hour Sleep Out for the Unhoused; Venice Is A Poem (Mary Getlein); Anonymous Talks tot he Beachhead (X); The Lit Show is a Hit _ With Suzy Williams (CJ Gronner); Venice - Where Art Meets Sublime (CJ Gronner); Hare Krishna Festival of the Chariots Coming to Venice (Greta Cobar); Ad: Maureen Cotter Show "OMG"; A Philomeme Rhapsody (Delores Hanney); Swami X Speaks; Tour de Venice (Katy Crenshaw); Ad: Fifth Annual Philomenian; Photo: SPARC Demolished Mural: "Calle de la Eternidad" by Johanna Poethig; Ad: Diana Lang, Attorney;

  • Poetry: An Ancient Race of Queen (philomene Long); Independence Day (Majid Naficy); Venice Air (John Davis); untitled (Roger Houston); Venice Beach Inferno (Larry Mintz); For Philomene (John Thomas); It's Time (Kalahani); I Am No Longer Afraid (Philomene Long); Working For Money (Mary Getlein); After Aurora (Hal Bogotch);
  • Calendar; Back page: Collage Photos: Venice Biennial (Great Cobar & CJ Gronner)

Beachhead # 369 - July 2012 - Venice Independence Issue.
Photo: Happy Birthday, Venice, 1905; Photo: Post Office Grand Opening, 1939, Poster: July 4th Parade; Photo: rally to Save Post Office; Letters; Thanks for the Metaphors (Jim Smith); Inspired (Cory Schumaker); Response to Patrick Frank (Alan Arch); Post Office Goes Private? (Jim Smith); Not Born on the 4th of July (Ronald McKinley); Bud Van Osdall Dies in His RV (Peggy Kennedy); The Life and Death of Mikey (Ian Dean); Art: Passion of the Punk; Photo: Michael Samuelson; The Prospects For Venice Cityhood (Jim Smith); Photo: Great Venice Assembly; Beach Curfew Violates Law (John Davis); Sun Exposure: Benefits and Cautions (Marisa Peck); Public Safety Uber Alles, says Nuch (Greta Cobar); Cannabis Is In The Weeds....(Anne Alvarez); Hammer Museum's Venice Biennial (Dean Henderson); Photo: Artist Arthur Moore (Greta Cobar); Photo: Juan's New Hat (Greta Cobar); Ad: Abbots' Habit, Dale Newman Design; $th of July in Venice, 1905 (Vanessa Cabello); Gone with the Transit of Venus: Ray Bradbury (Jim Smith); Swami X Speaks; Photo: Swami X (Ray Rae); Introducing the Venice Symphony Orchestra; Photo: Bradbury on Venice Canals, 1963; Ray Bradbury and the Free Monorail System (Jim Smith); Make all those poor people go away, Daddy (Mary Getlein); Summer Brings Glimmer of Hope to Venice Skills Center (Charles Thomas); Cartoon: California Schools (Monte Wolverton); Evicted Family Camps Out At Former Home (CJ Gronner); Photo: Venice, 1924;

  • Poetry: photo: Fundraiser for Poetry Walls (Venice Paparazzi); Poetry: Transition (Jim Smith); For Jim (Hillary Kaye); Stream of Consciousness (Heather Freed); What (Ronald K. McKinley); Memorial, the decades roll away, I see you with (Roger Houston); Guevara (Nadja Tesiich); Oh Beautiful For Spacious Skies...(TIna Catalina Corcoran); Venice Desderada (Cameron Prior); Mitt: DOn't Run (With Scissors) (Hal Bogotch); the sound of cabrillo ( paul tanck);
  • Community Calendar; Back page: Photo: New Mural: Poets Stuart Perkoff and Philomene Long, mural by Franciso Leteltier (Jim Smith); Photo: Cafe Collage Mural Before White-Out; Ads: 4th Annual Summer Fest, Cairo Cowboy

Beachhead #368 - June 2012 - Special Summer in Venice Issue.
Painting: Independence Day - Venice Style (Frank Strasser); Summer in Venice, in 2062 (Jim Smith); everything is Normal in Venice (CJ Gronner); Letters; Surf & Skate Fest (Brady Walker); Even More Po'd (Patrick Frank); Venice Entertainer Framed in Santa Monica (Greta Cobar); About the Cover; Post Office Picket Planned (Greta Cobar); Defaced Mural to be Restored (Roger Linnett); Voting Like It Mattered (Jim Smith); Students, Teachers, Work to Save Venice Skills Center and Adult Education (Charles Thomas); Two Views of the Zip Line: Zipped, Not Taxed (Dean Henderson); Zipped or Unzipped? (Katy Crenshaw); Photo: Venice City Hall, 1969; Money Available for Venice Non-Profits; Ad: Pilates On Venice; Get To Know Vibul (Anne Alvarez); Ad: Abbot's Habit; What The Frack Is Under My Bed? (Suzy Williams); Cartoon: "Suspicious Character' (FJ Matson); Book Review: The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, by Michelle Alexander (Mary Getlein); Book Review: Lions & Gondolas, by Laura Shepard Townsend (Delores Hanney); Book Cover Art (M.T.) The Alleys of Venice (Fred Owens);

  • Poetry: Every (francEye); I Love My Homies (Mary Getlein); Breaking Through (Jim Smith); untitled (Hillary Kaye); Bummer / Summer (paul tanck); Venice FOg (Frank T. Rios); Living Life Amused (Cameron Prior); Ads: Sinners & Saints, Electric Lodge; Flyer: Day of Remembrance for Oakwood Deceased; Photo: Solomon on Windward Avenue; Theater Review: Astral Dick (Roger Linnett); Ad: Nutritional Warehouse;
  • Calendar; Back page: Photo: Another Perfect Day in Venice (Ray Rae); Ad: Cairo Cowboy; Photo: Wrong Way on a Walkstreet? (Jim Smith); Event: 4th Annual Summer Fest

Beachhead #367 - May 2012 - The Fire Next Time (Jim Smith); Photo: Uprising L.A. (Christine Burrill); EXTRA! Silicon Discovered in Venice (Jamie Virostko); Photo: Japanese-American Memorial Marker (Matthew Hynes); Letters; Venice Skills Center (Rich Mann); Big Wheel (Gail Rogers); Moved by Open Letter (Diane Loggin); Photo: Wealth and Poverty in Venice; Ads: Beachhead Paginator Wanted, Douglas Eisenstark Acupuncture, Contractor Christopher Marquardsen; Tenants Reclaim Loncoln Place (Jim Smith); Photo (Gail Weissman); Zip Line on the Beach? (Greta Cobar); to feed or not to feed, that is the question? (Ronald McKinley); Cinco de Mayo Pancake Breakfast (Roger Linnett); Ad: Nutritional Warehouse; Santa Monica College Students Blind-Sided by Campus Police (Roger Linnett); Photo: Pepper-sprayed Students; Photo (Chip Gatz); Ocean Front Walk: Vending or Free Speech? (Greta Cobar); Photo: OFW Piano Player Edward Brown (Beachhead Archives); Song: Poed at the PO (Suzy Williams); How Peter Douglas Saved Venice and the California Coast (Jim Smith); Graphic: Neighborhood Crime Watch (Khalil Bendib); Ad: Beyond Baroque Art Auction; Venice is for the Birds (Vanessa Cabello); They're Walkways, not "Side" walks (Fred Owens); Ad: Marla's Cafe; Scene of the Crime: Marker Unveiled (Jim Smith); Ad: Abbot's Habit; Saving the Post Office (Jim Smith); Daniel Kaufman - Art at the Speed of Heat (Roger Linnett); Like Father, Like Daughter: George and Kelly Carlin (Jack Neuworth); Stop Drinking Soda (Marisa Peck); Swami X Speaks; Ad: Sinners and Saints; Ad: Hoagie's; Adventures With The Landlord (CJ Gronner); Venice Skills Center Still Fighting for Survival (Charles Thomas); Graphic Art (Janice Yudell);

  • Poetry: Andrew's Alley (Krista Schwimmer); In Rhyme (L.E. Mintz); What must be said (Gunter Grass); What We All Must Say (Jim Smith); But Don't See Me (Ronald K. McKinley); Our Lady (Mary Getlein); Under the Sole (Hal Bogotch); Oil Srike in Venice Peninsula (Delores Hanney);Fundraiser to Repair Poetry Walls;
  • Calendar; Back page: Art (Daniel Kaufman); Spring Fling Poster; Mystic Journey Presents: George Noory.

Beachhead #366 - April 2012 - An Open Letter to the Community (Deborah LaShever); Future of Venice Skills Center in Doubt (Charles Thomas); Letters; Ocean Charter School (Terence Pearce); Venice History Banned from the Boardwalk (Jeffrey Stanton); Post Office Sales Terms Omit Historical Protection (Greta Cobar); Venice Homeless File Claim Against LA; Chain Envelops Independent Newspaper; LA Confidential (Jim Smith); Plantations of Prisons - California's Biggest Crop (Mary Getlein); Ad: Redition of Film: Salt of the Earth; The War Against Women (Jack Neuworth); Wombs: Property of the State? (Carol Fondiller); Cartoon: Doonesbury; Who Bombed Judy Bari? (Margot Pepper); Photos of Earth First's Judy Bari; Venice Observes 70th Anniversary of Japanese-Americans (Phyliis Hayashibara); Photo: Hama Sushi's Esther Chain an Kinya Aota; Celebrate the Coming of the Marker; Big Wheel Keeps on Rollin' (Greta Cobar); Photoshop: Big Wheel on OFW (YoVenice); Ad: Abbot's Habit; Armed Guards at Whole Foods (M.A. von Pfeiffer); Photo (Julian Gray); Photo: New Mural: "Touch of Venice" (Jim Smith); Book Review: Watergate - A Novel (Jim Smith); Swami X Speaks; Ads: Electric Lodge, Marla's Cafe; Photo: Old Canal Bridge (Rick Sinatra); Zev Comes to Venice (Anne Alvarez); Occupy Venice Post Office on Tax Day; Venice in the 11970's (Sam Schatz); Graphic: The K Chronicles (Keef);

  • Poetry: Venice - 1963 (KL Bratton); Ode to Tom Waits (L.E. Mintz); Belly-Up (Vanessa, Lexi, Eric, Frankie); That Woman (Joanna Silva); Pink Cloud Poem (Philomeme Long); The Freaks of Venice (anonymous);
  • Community Calendar; Back page: Venice Beach Surf&Skate Fest; Town Hall to Discuss Silicon Beach; Larry Hankin Live at the Talking Stick.

Beachhead #365 - March 2012 - SPECIAL WOMEN'S ISSUE.
Unequal Battle - Venice versus the U.S. Postal Service; Photo: Nancy Williamson (Vanessa Cabello); Fighting back against a faceless bureaucracy (Jim Smith); Letters; No Curfew (Eddie Wall); La Fortuna Market (Ty Allison); Google says "No Comment" to 5,000 Venice Employees (Greta Cobar); Metro Bus #733 Adds Stop (Roger Linnett); Ad: David L. Moring, Attorney; Wild and Peaceful - The Ivory Queen of Soul (Ronald K. McKinley); Do we have Women's Equality Now? (Jim Smith); Photo: What Strange Ship Has Invaded Venice? (Jim Smith); Ad: Nutrional Warehouse; You Probably Never Heard of the Most Influential Woman of the 20th Century (Roger Linnett); Round Two for the Venice Skills Center (Charles Thomas); Poem: Memorial: Diane Butler (Mary Getlein); Song:There's a Ghost at every corner (Diane Butler); Painting: Jesus Was Homeless (Diane Butler); To Diane Butler (Suzanne Verdal); My Humble Ode to Diane (Tina Catalina Corcoran); For Diane (Mary Getlein); Photo: Drum Orchestra Memorial Jam for Diane (Greta Cobar); A Day and a Month to Celebrate Women (Vanessa Cabello); Graphic (Charlene Richards); Commemorating Venetian Women form the Early Years (Vanessa Cabello); Ad: Abbot's Habit; Jin Patisserie Makes Venice Sweeter (CJ Gronner); Photos (CJ Gronner); Ad: Stephanic Hobgood Hair; Film Review: Salt of the Earth (Jim Smith); Ad: Hoagie's; ann); Ads: Electric Lodge, Marla's Cafe; Graphic: U.S. Capitalism (Khalil Bendib); Photo: Post Office Cornerstone (Vanessa Cabello);

Poetry:Fourteen (Lynette); Hoboville (Paul Beethovan); untitled (Roger Houston); Peace Is My Religion (Hal Bogotch); Moment (Ronald K. McKinley); Gravity (Jim Smith); Ibrahim and his band (Rex Butters); Swami X Speaks; Photo (Rich M

Calendar; Back page: Vintage Venice Pageant Poster; Venice Post Office (Terry Stoller)

Beachhead #364 - February 2012 - Curfew May Be Illegal Restriction of Access (Greta Cobar); Photo: OFW (Jim Smith); Letters; 2012- Oh No! (Jennifer Everhart); Who Created the iZip Mural? (Claudia S. Morimitsu); Mission Not Accomplished (Douglas Fay); Ads: Hoagie's, David L. Moring, Attorney; The Venice SKills Center is in Danger of Losing Its Funding (Charles Thomas); Unfortunate Times for La Fortuna Market (Anne Alvarez); Photos (Gary Neville); The Meeting to Close the Boardwalk (Mary Getlein); Photo (Pegarty Long); Ads: Electric Lodge, Nutritional Warehouse; The Fatal LAPD Crash, Blame is Obvious (Jim Smith); Photo: Devin Petelski; Photo: Crash Site (Jeanelle Lee); Lincoln Place Rehab Underway (Jim Smith); Venice Artist David Phillips (CJ Gronner); "Save the Post Office" Enters Critical Phase (Greta Cobar); Photos (Jim Smith); Ad: Abbot's Habit; We are a country of amnesiacs (Jack Neuworth); Swami X Speaks; Atomic Scientists Set Clock Forward; Free Speech on Ocean Front Walk? (Bill Mitchell); Photo: Bill Mitchell; Ad: Mission Accomplished; Theater Review: Awake in a World That Encourages Sleep (Roger Linnett); Ads: Globe Dry Cleaners, Quality Tire&Brake; Community Calendar; Graphic: Citizens United (Khalil Bendib);

  • Poetry: January 1st, 2012, Venice, CA (Mary Getlein); Home before the Hour (Michelle Lepori); Love Knows (Ronald K. McKinley); untitled (Roger Houston); can't ask the wind why (Joanna Silva);
  • Back page: Back by Popular Deman: Vintage Venice Pageant Poster; Rally: Save Your Venice Post Office!

Beachhead #363 - January 2012 - It's 2012 - Ready or Not! - Mural: The Island of California (Victor Henderson & Terry Schoonhoven); Get Ready for the Doomsday Year; This Year's Boardwalk Ordinance (Greta Cobar); Letters; The Venice Mummy (John D. Ekstromer); Save the Venice Post Office (Tina Catalina); Who's Poisoning the Leaders of South America? (Bill Mitchell); Graphic: Occupy Ellis Island (Khalil Bendib); Ad: Hoagie's; Arrests on Third Street (Mary Getlein); Health Care Coming This Year! (Roger Linnett); Questions Persist As To US Arms Treaty Compliance (Janet Phelan); Ad: Utah Phillips Reading the Beachhead; The Last of the Red-Hot Potatoes (Jim Smith); Poem: Let's Go to the Hot (Tina Catalina Corcoran); Boats Parade in the Venice Canals (CJ Gronner); Ad: Abbot's Habit; Can we all just get along? (Jim Smith); Fight to Save Post Office Continues; Photo: Volunteers with Petition to Save Post Office; Fear of Drumming (Ronald K. McKinley); Art (Janice Yudell); Ad: Electric Lodge; Ads: Mission Accomplished, Marla's Cafe; Martin Luther King, Jr. - The Unknown Anti-War Activist (American Public Media); Ads: Globe Dry Cleaners, Chemo: Secrets to Thriving;

  • Poetry: Wordless Whisper (Karl Abrams); What Makes America, America? (Hal Bogotch); The Return (krista schwimmer); All You Are (Ronald K. McKinley); Almost There (Janet Phelan); Sacred Places (Jim Smith); LAPD Why Did You Tow? (Ray Chase);
  • Community Calendar; Back page: Cartoon: What do you do to mark Martin Luther King, Jr. Day? (Steve Greenberg); iZip Mural (Jonas Never)



Beachhead #362 -December 2011 - Anniversary Issue - New Mural on Windward - "A Touch of Venice", by Jonas Never (Jim Smith); Underground Methane - A Ticking Timebomb (John Davis); The Occupy Movement: When the Other Shoe Drops (Jim Smith); Letters;The Occupy Movement - Roxanne Brown, Why Occupy Makes Sense - Marco Mannone, Santa Monica Airport - Dave Doctor; Venice Post Office Sale Halted (Greta Cobar); Hard Times in Venice for Mayoral Candidate Jan Perry (Anne Alvarez); Season'S Greetings from the Beachhead; No Thanks for the Hungry on Thanksgiving (Mary Getlein); Photos: Debra J.T. Padilla, Bill Rosendahl; The Great Venice Toy Drive; Ads: Nutritional Warehouse, Marla's Cafe, Globe Dry Cleaners, Abbot's Habit; Police Occupy Occupy L.A.; Photo: Occupy Poem (Elizabeth Campos); The Beachhead Hits 43 (Jim Smith); Photo: Beachhead covers, 1970, 1983; Working on the Beachhead (CJ Gronner); Photos: More Beachhead covers, 2003, 2007, 2011; Don't Forget the Beachhead this Holiday Season!; Reprint: Carol's Carols (Carol Fondiller); Photo: Windward Avenue Night (Peter Argyropoulos); Swami X Speaks; Photo: Swami X; Ad: Electric Lodge;

  • POETRY: Is this America? (Ronald McKinley); A Poem (Mary Getlein); untitled (Roger Houston); Ancestral Memory (Jim Smith); Our Neighbors (Juditte Erki); "99 to 1" (Dean Henderson); Derelict Paradise (B. Meade); Wealth's Privilege (D.A. Green); Graphic: For the Time of Your Life, Come to Venice New Year's Eve; Photo: Venice Poets, 1988 (Maryjane);
  • Calendar; Photo: Jingle Bell Rockers (Victoria Graham); Back page: Celebrate Beachhead's 43rd with 1978 Film, Feeding the Sparrows by Feeding the Horses; Winter Holiday Stroll - Abbot Kinney Blvd.; Ad: Chemo: Secrets to Thriving; Ad: Winter Holiday Stroll, Abbot Kinney Blvd. Dec. 4 - 11-6pm.

Beachhead #361 - November 2011 - OCCUPY! - Photos of Occupy Protests and Rallies Around the Country; Letters; Homeless Emergency Task Force - Lisa Green; Benches and Tables to Remain at Oakwood Park (Anne Alvarez); Photos: Crowd at Oakwood Park Board meeting, Jataun Valentine (Jim Smith); Fighting the Postal Monolith (Jim Smith); After 20 years, Ocean Blue closes its doors (Kathy Leonardo); Photo: Ocean Blue on OFW; Photo: A True Hearted Venice Beach Wedding; Two Views on the Occupy Movement: Unoccupied (Greta Cobar); Where's the Movement? (Bill Mitchell); Ad: Venice Film Festival; VFF (CJ Gronner); Photos: Wiliam Attaway, Allen Sarlo, Ruben De La Casas (CJ Gronner); Ad: Abbot's Habit; Interview with Artist Ray Packard (Mary Getlein); Paintings: Ray Packard; Ad: Green Screen Film Fest; Beat Legend Michael McClure Reads at Beyod Baroque (Jim Smith); Poem: Raven's Feather, Eagle's Claw, Every Song Ever Chanted (Michael McClure); Book review: Snoopin' Around - The Story of David Asper Johnson and the Argonaut, by Helga Gendell (Jim Smith); Ad: Good with Wood, Contractors; Venice Memorial to Japanese-Americans Moves Forward (Don E. Geagan and Suzanne Thompson); Photo: Venice Round-up of Japanese-Americans, 1942; Reading of Moby Dick Celebrates Whale Migration (Tim Rudnick); Venice Art Crawl (Anne Alvarez);

  • POETRY: Burning to Read (Hal Bogotch); Let's take it easy (Jim Smith); The Magic Cape (Majid Naficy); 90291 - Venice USA (Tina Catalina Corcoran); In the Bathroom at the Hotel Cornell (krista schwimmer); Birds II (Paul Beethovan); There Are Days (Humberto Gomez Sequeira-HuGoS); Verit (Cameron Pryor);
  • Calendar, Photo: Kathy Leonardo;
  • Back page: Save the Venice Post Office Rally; Ad: Defend Venice t-shirts.

Beachhead #360 - October 2011 - Dancing in the Streets; Photo: SAMBA School, Abbot Kinney Festival; Post Office to Venice: "No Hearing" (Greta Cobar and Jim Smith); Inset: War Dead; Letters; Park Plan Peril's People's Picnics - David Busch; Photo: Seniors playing dominos (Lydia Ponce); Big Wheel Confirmation - Max Carlish; Protests Spirit of Venice Awards - Lisa Green; Corrections; Update on OFW Ordinance (Greta Cobar); No Need to Search for Google, They're Next Door (Great Cobar); Breast Cancer Event (Janet Gervers); Scott Wannberg Memorial (Mary Getlein); In Memory of Jane Elliot (Diane Butler); Survey asks Venetians...; Hangin' with the Homeless on a Sunday Afternoon (Stewart Lopez); Backs Against the Ocean, Homeless Persevere on OFW (Greta Cobar); Ads: Hoagie's, Good Wood, Dale Newman Design, Electric Lodge; City May Be Growing Tired of Neighborhood Council Experiment (Jim Smith); Photo: Matthew Kline, Barbara Lonsdale, Linda Lucks (Jim Smith); Photo: Gondola at Venice Circle; Are we doomed to have a second-rate bicycle network? (Jim Smith); Photo: Shrinking Bike Lanes; Bioweapons Are US (Janet C. Phelan); Featured Artist: William Attaway (CJ Gronner); The 27th Annual Abbot Kinney Festival (CJ Gronner); Ad: Cairo Cowboy; Swami X in the 1970s (Mark Hawes); Vera Davis Center Needs Help (Greta Cobar); Ad: Beachhead Sustainer; Photos: Occupy; Graphic: Troy Davis: Abolish the Death Penalty; Ads: Best Value Evaluations, Edgar Saenz, Law; BH Archives: In the Slammer (Ron Guenther);

Beachhead #359 - September 2011 - Photo: Big Wheel Coming to the Beach?; 20-Story Observation Wheel Proposed (Jim Smith); Inset: War Dead; Letters; On the Boardwalk - Juditte Erki; Imperial Wars - Bill Mitchell; Big Blue Bus Shrinks - Roger Linnett; Charter Schools Fight It Out Over Walgrove Campus (Greta Cobar); Sewing Club! In Venice! (Roger Linnett); Roadmap to Housing Turns into a Lonesome Highway (Greta Cobar); Save the Post Office (Greta Cobar); Not Just The Rich Can Live At The Beach (Carol Fondiller); Event: Save the Post Office Fundraiser; Tom Freund's Edge of Venice (CJ Gronner); Good Bye Janice, Hello Henry (Jim Smith); Graphic: Redistricting (Joe Heller); The Very Venice Art & Design Gallery (Kathy Leonardo); Ad: Abbot's Habit; Event: 19th Annual Venice Music Festival; Photo: A movie before bedtime (Margaret Molloy); Photo: Homeless, OFW (Pegarty Long); Photo: Juan's Hats; Ads: If the Dead Had Email, Cairo Cowboy; New Book: Nun on Fire by Philomene Long (Jim Smith); Two Barrie Plays (Suzy Williams); Photo: George Ferris' Wheel, 1893; Graphic: U.S. Labor; Event: Labor Solidarity March; Money Available for Worthy Causes (Carolyn Rios); Growing Up Latino: How Cesar Chavez Inspired A Generation (Yolanda Miranda); Ad: Mission Accomplished; Photo: Scott Wannberg (Pegarty Long);

  • POETRY: Carma Bums (Scott Wannberg); The World Wave (Jim Smith); dreams turn into now (Deja Cross); untitled (Roger Houston); Just Asking (Mary Getlein); Simple Truth (Majid Naficy); Born of Shadows (B. Meade); Homage to Coleen Creedon (Suzanne Verdal);
  • Calendar; Back page: Poster: Abbot Kinney Festival.

Beachhead #358 - August 2011 - Painting: Ibrahim and the Venice Beach Drum Orchestra (Diane Butler); New Ordinance: No More Swap Meet on Boardwalk (Greta Cobar); Keep our Historic P.O.; Inset: War Dead; Letters; Make the Post Office a Bar - Patrick Frank; Historic Gondola Returned to Former Site of Canal Lagoon (Nikki Gilbert); The 10 Most Ridiculous Anti-Homeless Laws (Peggy Kennedy); Oakwood Barbecue Draws Hundreds (Roger Linnett); Tisha Bedrosian, First President of the Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council (Jim Smith); Photo: Spirit of Venice Award Recipients, 2003 (Linda Lucks); Film Review: If A Tree Falls: The Earth Liberation Front (Mary Getlein); Petition to Save the Venice Post Office; Text of the Draft Ocean Front Ordinance; Easing the Automobile Out of Venice (Jim Smith); Photo: Juan's Hats; Community Garden Sprouts in Venice (CJ Gronner);

  • POETRY: Two Venetians Kick Off Poetry Books at Beyond Baroque (Greta Cobar); Poets Honored by Beyond Baroque (Roger Linnett); Poetry: Franceye, Again (Mary Getlein); The Rapture That Never Was (Hal Bogotch); The Last of the Oil (Jim Smith); No More (Howard Minkin); The Age of the Jacaranda Tress (krista schwimmer); Ad: Beyond Baroque Poetry Contest; Ad: Memoirs of a Nun on Fire;
  • Calendar; Ad: Maureen Cotter, Come Laugh With Me!; Back page: Interview with Singer-Songwriter Jacqueline Fuente (Karl Abrams); Venice Sleep-Out; Ad: Force 12 (Electric Lodge)

Beachhead #357 - July 2011 - Venice Independence Issue - Venice Incorporated 100 Years Ago; Photo: Venice's Oldest Mural (Jim Smith); Community Pressure Saves Vera Davis Center (Roger Linnett); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Urges Letter Writing Campaign Opposing Blue Bus Cutback (Carolyn Rios); Commission of Errors (John Davis); Clarification from Boston Dawna; Neighbors in an Uproar Over Condo Development (Roger Linnett); Venice's Lizard King 40 years On (Lynne Bronstein); The Venice Oceanarium: The Grunion Are Running (Tim Rudnick); Ad: Abbot's Pizza Company; Hal's on Abbot Kinney (CJ Gronner); Coping with Shootings and Complexities in Modern Life (DeDe Audet); !911 Was A Banner Year in Venice (Jim Smith); How Can Venice Be Preserved? (Jim Smith); Map: City of Venice, 1925; 1964 Interview with Edward Bieberman, Painter of the Post Office Mural (Betty Hoag); Photo: Juan's Hats #3 (Peggy Kennedy); Ad: Abbot's Habit; King Neptune Returns (CJ Gronner); Ad: Cairo Cowboy; Political cartoon: The Patriot Act...(Dave Granlund); Book Review: Charles Brittin - West and South (Jim Smith); Photos from Brittin's book; Swami X: Hip Replacement;

  • POETRY: On Returning to Venice (Stuart Z. Perkoff); On the Boulevard (Malcolm H. Ball); Venice West (Don Johns); Make me your lover (Jasper Schubert); untitled (Roger Houston); Venice you bleed (Philip Chamberlin); Two Lives Lost (Mary Getlein); Somewhere (Jim Smith); Cool, Smooth, Noctural & Universal (Hal Bogotch);
  • Calendar; Back page: Photos from the Venice High Centennial Parade; 3rd Annual Venice Summer Fest; Become A Beachhead Sustainer

Beachhead #356 - June 2011 - Summer Issue - OFW Historic Houses, Vending Fading Like A Summer Breeze; Photo: Historic Houses (Pegarty Long); Advertising Graffiti Coming to Ocean Front Walk? (Dennis Hathaway); Inset: War Dead; Letters: 4 O'Clock in the Morning - Chuck Bloomquist; VNC goes on a shopping spree; Little Church of Horrors (Calvin Moss); Correction; Community Pressure to Save Vera Davis Center Intensifies (Roger Linnett); Save the Venice Post Office (Jim Smith); Blue Bus Cuts Back Service in Venice (Mary Getlein); "Four in the Morning" - The Video (Roger Linnett); How Venice Voted - And Didn't Vote (Jim Smith); Yet Another Ocean Front Ordinance Coming Soon (Jim Smith); Who's Watching the Neighborhood Watch? (Peggy Kennedy); Reprint: Constitution Void on Venice Beach? (Beachhead, 1971); Crashing the Tom Everhart Party (CJ Gronner); Happy Birthday, Eric Alberg!; Ad: Abbot's Habit; Juan's Hats #2; The Circus is in Town! (CJ Gronner); Commission of Errors: The Continuing Fight to Save Our Environment (John Davis); Book Review: "The New Now" by Ava Bird (Kathy Leonardo); Ad: Doug Eisenstark, Acupuncture;

  • POETRY: poet ascends from the steps (Harry E. Northup); untitled (Roger Houston); Goddess Venice (Liv zutphen); the garden (Jimmy Valentine); Mother's Day (Mary Getlein); Little Hitlers (Jim Smith); Krazy Rhymes (Hal Bogotch); Poetry book launch: Jim Smith and Hillary Kaye;
  • Calendar; Back page: Venice Centennial Festival; 3rd Annual Venice Summer Fest; Become A Beachhead Sustainer

Beachhead #355 - May 2011 - Lest We Forget - Japanese-American Memorial Marker Groundbreaking; Photo: Attendees, 69 Years Later (Karl Abrams); Depleted Uranium strikes friends and foes alike in Libya (Karl Abrams); Bumpy Ride on the Roadmap to Homes (Roger Linnett); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Westminster and Charter Schools - Sue Kaplan; Swami X - Ron Grubaugh; Tsunami Victims Fundraiser; Cartoons For The Cause: The Worker's Maypole, 1894; When the law is wrong it turns the police into thugs (Clay Clairborn); Vera Davis Center: The Plot Thickens (Jim Smith); Blogger Jimmydale (Jim Hubbard); Summer Violence Hits the Beach - Months Early (Greta Cobar); Earth Day Rally at Santa Monica Airport; HAARP: Death Rays in the Hands of the Evil Empire? (Erica Snowlake); Juan's Hats #1; Photo: Protected Bike Lanes Come to Long Beach. Why Not Venice? (Jim Smith); $1500/month (Greta Cobar); Ad: Peace and Freedom Party Maria E. Montano for Congress; The World's Greatest Wino: Bobby Brown (CJ Gronner); Viva Pachamama! - Bolivia Celebrates Law Granting Rights to Mother Earth (Erica Snowlake); Ad: Abbot's Habit; 4 O'Clock in the Morning (Roger Linnett); Ad: Gerry Saint's Debut Album: A.W.O.L. (Always West of Lincoln); John Thomas: Venice Poet Extraordinaire (Fred Dewey); Photo: John Thomas (Pegarty Long); Film Review: Venice West and the LA Scene, by Mary Kerr (Mary Getlein);

  • POETRY: Revolution in the Mind (Marty Noel-Nivoli); untitled (Roger Houston); I Am From (Janei Lujan Valentine); untitled (Douglas Lamarthe); The First of May (Jim Smith); First Step (Mary Getlein); Swami X Speaks;
  • Community Calendar; Back page: Venetians Hear From Our Next Member of Congress (And Lots of Pretenders) (Jim Smith); Bios of Beachhead Endorsed Candidates for Congress.

Beachhead #354 - April 2011 - Post Office Sale? Disruption at Vera Davis Center (Jim Smith); People Win: Westminster Keeps Its Classrooms (Greta Cobar); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Tina Catalina Checks In; Broadway Enrollment - Rachael Babcock; Solidarity With Wisconsin Workers - Larry Gross; A Father Speaks Out About His Murdered Son - Rick Morgan; The Race Is On - For Congress; Goodbye to Joseph Baruch, Finjan Cafe Owner (Stan Strom); Event: 4 Short Films by Stan Mitchell (Venice America Productions); Recognizing A Tregedy - 69 Years Later; Photo: Japanese-Americans Internment, 1941; Photo: Manzanar Concentration Camp; Play: Daddy Dies Well (Electric Lodge); "Highway to Hell" or "Roadmap to Hell?" (Jim Smith); Are You Safe From A Tsunami?; International Women's Day Celebrated in Venice (Mary Getlein); Who In The Heaven Is Larry Bell? (CJ Gronner); Ad: Abbot's Habit; Swami X Speaks; Ads: Nutritional Warehouse, Hoagie's; Nuclear Nightmare (Ralph Nader); Political cartoon: Nukes (Khalil Bendib);

  • POETRY: Who Owns the Earth? (Kitty Bratton); She (Mary Getlein); Sponto (Liv Zutphen); I Like (Jasper Schubert); Sunbeams (Geroge Porter); Airdrop the SequeL (Jimmy Valentine); in Brief (Jim Smith); untitled (Lynette); Walks with Brutus (Aaron Reynauld); America (Murray Barnett); Book Launch: Selected Poems of John Thomas (Beyond Baroque);
  • Community Calendar; Back page: Photo: Tabor Family Reunion; Ad: The Homeless Movies of Emmett Deemus, by Larry Hankin; Ad: Gerry Saint's Debut Album

Beachhead #353 - March 2011 - Special Women's Issue - Painting (Marina Valentina); 100th Anniversary of International Women's Day (Greta Cobar); Victim of Gentrification (Mary Getlein); Inset: War Dead; 100 Years Ago The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire (Jim Smith); Letters: Rosendahl Kills Peninsula Bike Path - Jon Nahhas; Ad: Athol Fugard's Valley Song (Electric Lodge); Ad: Tabor Family Celebration (Pacific Resident Theater); The Sudsy Sexist World of TV Ads (Lynne Bronstein); Women Run for Congress (Jim Smith); Ad: Marla's Cafe; Recommendations For Yet Another Election (Jackie Goldberg); Ad: Douglas Eisenstarl, Acupuncture; Let Us Now Praise All Women Writers - or Not! (Krista Schwimmer); Water Crisis: The Delta and Us (DeDe Audet); Ad: Nutritional Warehouse; It's A Small World After All (CJ Gronner); Photo: Venice Mardi Gras Parade, OFW; CaNalABYSS (Mary Lou Johnson); Ad: OM Hats; Book Review: Last Night I Dreamed of Peace, by Dang Thuy Tram (Jim Smith); Swami X Speaks; Ad: Mission Accomplished, Hoagie's;

  • POETRY: Collected on Ocean Front Walk (Judy Lent); A Cold Proposition (Carol Fondiller); "when in the course of human events" (hillary kaye); Lady Venice (Myra D. Goodley; untitled (Lisa Aycock); Whale Song (krista schwimmer); Henrietta Leavitt - Surveyor to the Stars (Roger Linnett); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib);
  • Calendar; Back page: Bohemia - Alive and Well on Aboot Kinney Blvd. (CJ Gronner); Photo: Deborah Lashever; (Jim Smith); Ad: Gerry Saint's Debut Album

Beachhead #352 - February 2011 - Photo: History Is Myth, Mural by Rip Cronk (CJ Gronner); Community Leader Handcuffed, Harassed by LAPD (The Beachhead Collective); Beach Curfew Fight Coming to a Head (John Davis); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Bill Rosendahl"s Police State for the Poor - Calvin Moss; Gasland - Suzy Williams; Battle of Marina del Rey - Jon Nahhas; In Brief: Google Venice, New Book on Japanese-Americans, The Coffee House Revolution (Jim Smith), DeDe Audet Turns 90, Cafe Collage (Great Cobar); State Senate Candidates Respond to the Beachhead's Questions; When the Shooting Starts (Jim Smith); Political cartoon: The Weak Link (Khalil Bendib); Rip Cronk Paints Venice (CJ Gronner); Photo: Rip Cronk (Jim Smith); Passings: Lawrence Scott, Photo: Scotty's Poem; Patrice Martinez, Charles Brittin; Photo: The Venice Poetry Renaissance; Play Review: Julia, Pacific Resident Theatre (Suzy WIlliams); Ad: Flowers of the Season (Electric Lodge); Swami X Speaks; Photo: Swami X (Lance Diskan); Politicians and Papers: Are They Above Suspicion? (Jim Smith and Roger Linnett); A Southerner Looks At Venice (Alexandra Howard)'

  • POETRY: beats (Jim Smith); Groundwork (Chance Foreman); untitled (Roger Houston); AIRDROP parT one (Jimmy Valentine); For FrancEye (Mary Getlein); A Thought (Dusty P. Greenhaus); Peace (Stuart Perkoff); Surfer's Sojourn (John Davis & LeAnne Warren); EZ WAR RHYMES (Hal Bogotch);
  • Calendar; Back page: Michael Linder Puts Venice Radio On The Air (CJ Gronner); Ad: Meditation Group; Ad: Gerry Saint's Debut Album

Beachhead #351 - January 2011 - Watercolor: Venice Canals, by Mary Jane; WikiLeaks and Local Leaks (Jim Smith); First Friday Reboots, Without Food Trucks (CJ Gronner); Too Many Tourists (Greta Cobar); Inset: War Dead; Letters: A House Is Not Always A Home...- Peter M. Lonnies; Happy Anniversary - Lance Diskan; Donation - Mark Kleiman; Drumcircle is a temple not a nightclub - Dusty P. Greenhaus; Two Photos of Drumcircle, 1997, 1970s; Teena Marie, A Child of Venice, Dies (Clay Claiborne); Jim Morrison Pardoned; Doors Demand Apology (The Doors); Tribute: In Memory of Nathan Alan Morgan; A Tale of Two Wars: Vietnam/Afghanistan (Clay Claiborne); Keeping Vigil for Eun Kang (Krista Schwimmer); Poem: Wikileaks (Cosmo); Political cartoon: Wiki-Leaks (Khalil Bendib); Billy's Apartment (Carol Fondiller); Song: Farewell to Billy's (Jeff Willis); Photos: Holiday Fun on Abbot Kinney; Ads: Mission Accomplished, OM Hats; Murals Under Attack (Roger Linnett); Ad: Venice Bikini Bar; Swami X Speaks; Photo: Swami on OFW Bench (Rich Mann); Ad: Hoagie's; Sher-ruff of Venice (Calvin); Ad: Divest from Israeli Apartheid; A Venice Holiday (CJ Gronner); Ad: Electric Lodge;

  • POETRY: Poetry at the Church (Mary Getlein); The New Year (Jim Smith); untitled (Roger Houston); No Slice of Apple Pie (Anonymous); the truth (angelica love valentine); Attitude (Louis Garza);
  • Calendar; Back page: Ad: Marla's Cafe; Ad: KVB.FM; Photo: Lost Mural, Venice in the Snow, 1970, by LA Fine Arts Squad.















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