Beachhead #240 - January 1990 - Board of Supervisiors Drop Charges Against ACT UP/LA (Wendell Jones); Stupid Media Tricks (Rex Frankel); Letters: To Councilwoman Ruth Galanter (Bonnie Faulkner); Community Events; Snips and Snipes (Carol Fondiller); Comeback Inn Calendar

Beachhead #241 - February 1990 - Dear Venice (Judith L. Martin); Towards Cityhood (John Haag); "Bad Bob" Dylan Entry: With Ruth on our Side? (Rex Frankel); Poetry: Fat, Like A Bad Back (Lyn Lifshin); untitled (G. Barchenger); Driftwood Fire (Alice M. Ermlich); Letters; Up for Grabs Again (Arnold Springer); Free Venice Now and Then (Rick Davidson); Happenin'

Beachhead #242 - November 1990 - Between Iraq and a Hard Place; Whatever Happened to the Venice Town Council? (Larry Sullivan); Beachfront Maul Battle Countines; We're Back, Playa Vista: "Environmentally Sensitive" Disaster (Rex Frankel); Letter: Walkstreets Widening??; Lyrics: Putz the Mighty Broker (Frankel & Hartley); The Death of Maria Sanchez: In Deep Voodoo (Kelly Ball); Poetry: The Catholic Revolution (Mark Giacomelli); The Pledge of Defiance (Mark Giacomelli); Lunacy; Venice's Quest For Independence: 22 Years of Beachhead History (Rex Frankel); Cityhood (Kathy Sullivan); 2020 Vision: A Synopsis (Mark Giacomelli); Collage News page


Beachhead #243 - January 1991 - Panama: Our Last War (Kelly Ball); Builder's Emporium Development; The Recession and Traffic (Rex Frankel); Poem: Poison (Mark Giacomelli); Review: Trading With The Enemy (Mark Giacomelli); The Case for Hemp (Mark Giacomelli); The historical background, Plan calls for revelation of investors; Poem: In The Cadavers of Our Neighbor's Sons (Kelly Ball);Vox Populi (Mark Giacomelli); Letter (Dell Chumley)

Beachhead #244 - April 1991 - Police Brutality (Mark Giacomelli); Cartoon: Policing the Planet; War, Peace, Love and Hypocrisy (Diane Nickerson); Letter to Congresswoman Barbara Boxer; Council Fundraising (Rex Frankel); Ruth Russell?; Filling His Pockets (A.J. Liebling); Channel 7 Doesn't Hear the Voices of Dissent; A Small Human Settlement (Kelly Ball); News Collage; Coffee Houses; Jury Power (Mark Giacomelli); Poetry: Mr. Kurtz -- Live at 11 o'clock (Judith L. Martin); The War Is Already Lost (Margaret Frankel); Cartoons; Review: The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer (Mark Giacomelli); Glittering the Beachhead: Goldie Glitters campaign; News Collage; Lyrics: Dylan's Talking John Birch Paranoid Blues, Rue Morgue Aginew (Kelly Ball); So What - Another Oil Spill (Delia Hitz); Salvatore Grammatico for L.A. Council; Bush/ Saddam Collage

Beachhead #245 - June 1991 - L.A. Times on Rodney King: Fukk'n Unbelievable; Council Runoff: Identify Your Terms (Judith L. Martin); Political Cartoon: The California White Glove Treatment; Socialization (Chip Gatz); The Black Male as an Endangered Species (Michael T. Jackson); tHERE wE wENT aGAIN! (Diane Nickerson); Obituaries: Liedtke and McCone; Take A Hike! (on development sites); Archidyne -The Bio-Climactic House (Mark Giacomelli); American Dreamin' (Gregory Glover); Opportunism Anyone? (Venice Town Council sell-out?) (Rex Frankel)

Beachhead #246 - August 1991 - Another 'October Surprise' Revealed (Rex Frankel); Mark's Excellent Adventure ( Mark Giacomelli); S&L Crisis Puts President's Son on the Hot Seat; Sleazy Summa Slickers Sucker City Sycophants (Kelly Ball); Prom Night Murder (Michael T. Jackson); Letter to Cardinal Roger Mahony (Kelly Ball); The Death of Venice: A Great Old Lady Departs (Alice Cramden); Caged Community: LAPD's Operation Cul de Sac (Jack Gardener); Racist Pig Oinkings; Poem: Dust (Judith L. Martin); Khristmas at Kennebunkport Kountry Klub (Rex Frankel); Shit Happens; Neil Bush Under Fire Again; Recipe for October Surprise (Judith L. Martin); Poem: Electric Cosmolingus (Mark Giacomelli); Preserve Boardwalk Rights (Jerry Rubin); The Bill of Rights; Free of Which Drugs?

Beachhead #247 - October 1991 - Shades For The Millenium (Kelly Ball); Bush cartoon; Memo to the Democratzzz... (Delia Hitz); Radio Roulette (Judith L. Martin); Writing the Beachhead (Kelly Ball); Ethnic Weapons; Revolting Developments (Rex Frankel); Same Old New World Order (Mark Giacomelli); International Bankers; "Rickshaw" John obituary; Poem for "Rickshaw" John Barry (Tina Catalina); Art and Politics (Mark Giacomelli); Venice Bistro World Jazz Festival


Beachhead #248 - February 1992 - 1991: The Year of the Patriarchy (Judith L. Martin); J.F.K.; Ward Valley: For Democracy; We Must Control Our Energy Choices (Delia Hitz); And It Shall Rain Upon the Desert (Mark Giacomelli); What the hell is Political Correctness? (Rex Frankel); In Memoriam: Rick Cziment; Lifestyles of the Rich and Fascist (Rex Frankel); Shittyhood Happens (Kathy Sullivan); Poem: the thought police (Gregory Glover); Mr. Bush's Wild Ride (Rex Frankel); Green Party Gets the Numbers (Judith L. Martin); The Only Good Voter is One that's Scared (Rex Frankel); Wanted: George Herbert Walker Bush; Cartoons

Beachhead #249 - April 1992 - Clinton Contra Cocaine (Mark Giacomelli); Ballona Baloney "Selling" Playa Vista (Rex Frankel); Cartoon: Believe It, Not!: Bush Family (Gary Trudeau); Defeatist Development Dogma (Rex Frankel); The Democratic Process and the Roots of War (Kelly Ball); A Scandal-A-Week Election Sound Bites Diary (Rex Frankel); Charlene Richards for Congress; You don't have to be perfect to be President; Poetry: The Most Dangerous Man Alive: George HW Bush (Jingles); Don't Be Conned By The Hype: Jerry Brown for President; Cities Fight For Flushing Rights (Rex Frankel); The Dandelion Cafe (Judith L. Martin); Recipe for Campaign Stew (Judith L. Martin); The 100th Monkey Parable

Beachhead #250 - July/August 1992 - Waking Up From The American Dream (Chip Gatz); Photo: Operation Venice Storm 1992 (Chip Gatz); Roe v. Wade: The Latest Score is 5 to 4 (Judith L. Martin); Let's Hear It for Convenient Memory Loss (Marina Place Shopping Center) (Rex Frankel); Letters: Glen & Diane (Citizen Denizen); Legs: Good, 2 Legs: Better (Moe Stavnezer); What Is Activism?: A Matter of Life and Death (Mark Giacomelli); The Panama Deception (Kelly Ball); A Tourist's Guide to L.A.'s Worst Polluters (Rex Frankel); Why L.A.'s Shaking...; Patriot Missile Kills Exaggerated; Poem: Marilyn and Dan; Do You Believe? (Kelly Ball); Cartoon: Bush Family Tree; 20 Things We Can Do to Heal L.A. (Rex Frankel); Poetry on Rodney King: 15 to 1 (Ku De Ta); Riot (Dead Kennedys); L.A.P.D. (Mark Giacomelli); Poem: Operation Desert Pigeon (Kelly Ball)

Beachhead #251 - Nov1992 - A.I.D.S.: Acquire Immense Dollars Sadistically (James Jones); Drums of the Shaman: The Regulators' Last Stand (Mark Giacomelli); Graphic: Lee Harvey Bush: You Know Who Did It; Cityhood Coalition Formed; Venice Cityhood Organizing Committee Credo (Tim Schumacher); Letter; Poetry: Cold Ellison V (Philomene Long); Petra (Michael Forest); It Works! (Mark Giacomelli); Zoning For Dollar$ (Rex Frankel); The Environmental Impact of Lying (Kelly Ball); Raw Gut vs. Government Rooks (Lisabeth Hush); Do You Remember Your Birthday? (Maryjane Lang); Poem: The Self-Realized Mollusk - A Pagan Ode to Joy (Kelly Ball); LAToons (The Boy Nxtdr)


Beachhead #252 - August 1993 - Goddess Grappling: A New Council of Trent (Kelly Ball); Venice Cityhood - The Time is Now! (Ellen Gifford); The 10 Lost Cities of L.A.; Planners OK Playa Vista, Planning Commission Next (Rex Frankel); Raw Gut vs. Government Rooks, Part 2 (Lisabeth Hush); Election Daze (Mark Giacomelli); spaceship earth, second transmission (Alice Cramden); Political cartoon: Saddam's $alad Days; Don't Collapse on Me (Kelly Ball); Poem: Nelson Rising: This Blood's for You! (Kelly Ball); Chicken Little and the Mad Cow from Hell (Mark Giacomelli); Astrology: Sherlock, the Cosmic Investigator, Visits the Birth of the Venice Beachhead (Jim Marshall); Poem: Behind My Window...Pain (Seth Kaufman); I've Been Hearing Voices Lately: Le chant de la Sirene (Mark Giacomelli)