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Ensure that the Socialist alternative remains on the ballot in California.


-Support the Uprising-
Join the Fight for Justice

End Police Killings


Fight for Socialism

Justice for Michael Brown, Eric Garner, John Crawford, Tamir Rice (12-years-old), Ezell Ford (L.A.), Dante Parker (Victorville) and all murdered victims of the police

Citizen Review Boards over the police

Demand police ethnicity that reflects the population of their city (Ferguson PD is 90% white, while the population is 55% people of color)

End militarization of police nationwide

No ID requirements to vote

Indict Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo who murdered Michael Brown and Eric Garner, on federal charges. Abolish Grand Juries.

Charge individual officers and office holders with murder and human rights violations of public's right to protest, as appropriate.

Drop all charges against peaceful protesters and compensate them for wrongful arrest.

Build a multi-racial, working class Peace and Freedom Party across the country



It's easy and painless:

1. Go to your bank's "bill pay" page.

2. Click on new payment.

3. Click on recurring monthly.

4. Enter an amount between $5 and $20.

5. For Account # enter your name.

6. For Payee, enter:
Peace and Freedom Party
PO Box 24764
Oakland, CA 94623-1764


Tile on the Venice Peace Wall, Electric and California Avenues

Visit our on-line political journal - The Journal of Peace and Freedom - a project of the Venice Peace and Freedom Party.

Other websites of interest:

California Peace & Freedom Party



"You can't separate Peace from Freedom because no one can be at Peace unless they have their Freedom," - Malcolm X (Jan. 1965, New York)

"Peace and Freedom will prevail.'' - George W. Bush (Oct. 8, 2001, Washington, D.C.)

Karl Marx comments
on why we should participate in elections


Health Care "Reform" - A give away to the big corporations
Here's what's really needed.
YouTube talks by Jim Smith and Dr. Alice Stek


Ferguson - Venice Solidarity


Cindy Sheehan
won 52,707 votes for
Governor in the June Primary

Register P&F Today

Thanks to everyone who participated in the victory to keep Venice's Peoples Beach FREE!

Venice P&F was able to distribute 12,000 postcards and flyers with your help.

Get involved in the Venice Peace and Freedom Chapter. or 310-399-2215.

  • Join our fight to preserve access to the coast by poor and working class people.
  • Protect and Expand the California Coastal Act
  • Stop Gentrification and the removal of homeless people from Venice
  • Preserve free parking on the streets of Venice
  • Cityhood Now!
  • Keep the California Peace and Freedom Party on the Ballot.

2012 - Thank You for Your Support
Peace & Freedom Party and
Roseanne Barr for President

Cindy Sheehan for Vice President

Roseanne Barr finishes fifth in presidential sweepstakes

In spite of being on the ballot in only three states, Roseanne Barr and Cindy Sheehan, the Peace and Freedom candidates came in fifth in total votes, behind the Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Greens. Barr/Sheehan were also official write-in candidates in 24 other states. Those votes have not yet been counted. The preliminary tally for the Venice Congressional District (33rd) is 840 votes, while statewide our canidates received 36,974 votes.

Great Night for Roseanne Barr - See the Video -

The Rally for Roseanne, Sept. 22, sponsored by the Venice Peace and Freedom Chapter, was a great success. About 400 people packed the Church in Ocean Park, sat in aisles, stood shoulder-to-shoulder, and even filled a large storage room when other space ran out.

They were fired up by Suzy Williams (the Songbird of Venice) and her Peace and Freedom Blues and Marching Band. Suzy wrote some new songs about P&F and Roseanne for the occasion.

Karl Abrams, Venice Chapter Chair, was the MC for the night. Roseanne speech was interrupted by applause and cheers every two or three sentences. One of the biggest cheers from the audience was when Roseanne called for socialism.





It will be easier to regain our cityhood than
it would be to reform the most corrupt city
in the country, Los Angeles.

Help us create a green city
by the sea that is a model for all.

Help us create a democratic city
that is not ruled from afar.

Help us create a city
where the arts can flourish.

There are 88 cities in Los Angeles County,
let's make Venice number 89.


Venice Peace and Freedom heroes John Haag and Carol Berman. RIP. Read the May 2006 Beachhead, dedicated to John Haag. Marina Argonaut obituary about John Haag

Read the Feb. 2010 Beachhead dedicated to Carol Berman Fondiller

Video: John Haag talks about the founding of the Peace and Freedom Party.