Exhibit A - DONE staff discuss GRVNC

Exhibit B - Dep. City Attorney talks about allies Joel Sheilds and Rick Feibusch.

Exhibit C - Arturo Pina steps in.

Exhibit D - Where do they fit in the food chain?

Exhibit E - 11-member Commitee formed.

Exhibit F1 - A plan is proposed.

Exhibit F2 - Unsigned email says DONE is behind the plan.

Exhibit G - DONE's Parker Anderson shows long history of involvement.

NOTE: At no time did L.A. City Officials offer to meet with the Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council. The GRVNC Board insisted on a meeting with DONE and was granted a short meeting with Parker Anderson, Jamiko Bell and others. Anderson's position was finalized. There were no negotiations. - Jim Smith, participant