Fenmar fire, March 17, 2003

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The Fenmar Apartments on the Boardwalk at Brooks was gutted by fire this morning. A Beachhead reporter rushed to the scene several hours later. Residents said the fire started in the third floor apartment on the north west corner of the building. It quickly spread throughout the ancient brick building. No one was hurt in the fire, although a couple of cats (four-legged) were still reported missing.

Fire trucks were lined up and down Speedway, Brooks and Pacific. Also present were lots of LAPD, the Red Cross, a vehicle from the Housing Code Enforcement Division, Building and Safety and Animal Control. The owner, Brad Neal, lived in the penthouse above the third floor.

The Fenmar, which was a hotel in the early days of Venice, last came to the attention of the community several years ago when the new owner displaced the ground-floor tenants and converted their apartments into a Tatoo parlor and other tourist-oriented stores.